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Sleep Equality

Consciousness is a subjective experience. Each one of us perceives this differently. Everyone’s experience is different and the way to experience consciousness is different. This is probably because each of us spend most of our time distinguishing between true consciousness and mindfulness. Because of this conflict, we consider subjective truths as absolute truth and thus the reality.

Because these realities are different for each one of us, including non-human species, there are so many subjective realities that constantly evolves and conflicts with each others. This probably is the the largest cause of different manifestation of reality that we all experience and end up considering this as the absolute truth.

There is one major interaction between consciousness and absolute reality is SELF. We have layered up our consciousness with physical and emotional realities. These layers or subjectivity creates, rather adds nuisance, in our quest to understanding the true consciousness. In this layers we get lost and end up adapting to qualities such as – fear, anger, love, hatred, ego, selfishness, ignorance, lust, and many more.

The varying degrees of these qualities give us our identities. The person in me is different than people around me is due to the balanced out equation of all these variables that add up to the layer in between my true self and my subjective self. The subjective self is always changing, always evolving and definitely not constant or predictable. We end up believing that we are beautiful/smart because we have had compliments from others and we are fed with those compliments. Similarly, a person if is being told to be stupid/ignorant, he would end up believing in such realities.

One of the most beautiful ironies of our nature is that the sleep creates equality in all of us. Its only during deep sleep that we all loose our identity. During this state, there is no ego about being poor or rich, short or tall, beautiful or ugly, male or female. This is the time where all the subjective realities are shut down, layer by layer. The whole city, state or country sleeping and falling into deep sleep the same time will at the same time be equal. They would have forgotten their race, their creed, their religions, their citizenship and many other labels that we have efficiently created.

Isnt this all very interesting? What is your identity while you are deep sleep?

Niravana !

Fool’s Paradise # 2

Starting from where I left off from my previous thought flow on Fool’s Paradise,  I realized the superior functioning of brain, chemistry inside the body, and genius design. The organic body design is at such an extreme advancement that stretches far beyond human capability to completely understand the origin and purpose of creation. Every creation has a purpose, though some creations may be purely out of innovation, but those ones have shorter life span.  The Matrix rightly explains that programs (or species) that do not have a purpose, are terminated (hence Sati – who wrote ‘rainbow’ , was to be terminated). Similarly this philosophy goes hand in hand with the organisms and species we find around us. The ones that had a purpose, either in balancing the food chain or recycling earth had survived. This concept was presented in a slightly different way by claiming – Survival of the fittest. The ones that had a purpose were more fit and being fit, could reproduce and expand their genealogy (or source code). This survival technique seems to be true not only between the species  but within the species as well.

In world of Human species, the ones with active lifestyles, skills, and challenging risk takers have shown to have done exceptionally well over the others. Hence we see Billionaires, Managers, CEOs, sportsman, warriors, engineers, farmers, artists, religious leaders, politicians and many more. One thing in common among all of these personalities is that they tend to represent a class of species that happen to be more capable in putting their bodies (brain included) to a purpose than the rest of the similar species. But in true sense every species are being challenged by nature in every way and form. What is unique about these exemplars is that they were able to adapt to these challenges and survive them.  What is more interesting to think about is what made them different over the others. If all human beings were mere carbon copy (literally) then they all should be able to carry similar abilities. For any given situation, a sample human species should then respond exactly in same way. But that is far from fact. Every species has their own logic, method, experience and physic accompanied by emotions (or lack of one) that allows them to come up with their own version of survival skill set. These skill sets differences must be the factor that defines the odds or survival. Its known that these skills can be acquired or learned. If that is true than loosing the skill set should be also true, isnt it ?

Self Discovery

This will be my journal of my thoughts, ideas, curiosities that has evolved over time in asking the most basic question quintessential since the existence of human civilization. The self-discovery is partly my musing since long. I have been asking this question for quite some time.

Over so many centuries, these questions have made the human mind push the boundaries of logic, rational and methods to approach for an answer. The seekers who went deeper and focused on these problem statements derived an answer but soon were conflicted by newer questions. The ones who succeeded or claimed to have known the answer were unable to replicate their success models. I, as a seeker, have also been inquisitive of these questions. To list them

  • Who am I
  • Where did I come from?
  • Where would I go?
  • How is Karma interacting with the I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What are the principle properties/characteristics of the I
  • Where do thoughts generate from?
  • Mind vs Brain vs instinct
  • What is consciousness?
  • Is there free will?
  • What is the process to know the self?
  • What differentiates me with other species?

and many many more..

I see that the problem is going to be very complex to document and the reasoning will be even tougher to explain. The I in me and the I that I perceive are going to conflict and I will be limited in my journey. But isnt that all it matters?



Fools Paradise


How many mornings did I ever wake up without panic ? Its always a monster alarm clock that makes extremely unpleasant sound to wake me up. Everyday is the ultimate clash of the will power. Until I have will and alarm has power, we battle each other every morning. Finally, as always losing to alarm clock, I think – Why do we even sleep ? Is waking up to an alarm clock affecting my day’s performance ? Waking up earlier than my required sleep shouldnt be the right thing to do. So I started reading about – Sciene of sleep



The Sleep Science

The reason we all go to bed, sleep and wake up is like a clock work and mostly driven by your brain. It is like a super computer running all day long to gather all types of data through all its input sources. For human beings the data collection is quite extreme, it records audio, video, speech, language, date, time, temperature, emotions, colors, smell, food, and other million things to great details. Along with that the internal organ functions that happens internally such as your energy usage, immunity (ammo), blood pressure, heart condition, repair work, regeneration of cells, injuries and healing and all other inventory that it needs to maintain before it gets ready for next day.  After a day’s work and enough data collection, the brain needs that the body slows down and let it process all the data into useful memory (or knowledge).  To perform this critical activity, our brain prepares our body by sending signals through neurotransmitters in form of hormones (viz. serotonin and melatonin) that calms your body down, regulates body temperature, breathing pattern, heart rate etc. Once the body is asleep, brain works in phases and gets all the data sorted, simplified, synthesized, analyzed and stored into different compartments. If your sleep is disturbed abruptly anytime during this process, the brain fails to perform 100% data analysis. It’s like a librarian who arranges book into right shelves in right category is abruptly asked to stop or  is compelled to arrange the book wherever he can haphazardly and clean up the aisle.  This should be possible cause to recollection issues or retaining long-term memory


I believe that Dreams are special creation and its our brain child. To do its intended function flawlessly, brain tries to regulate every possible event that may ever interrupt while brain is processing data. One of that is our body’s restlessness or active or sleep debt. Compare it to a wild and active kid can be pacified if you divert his attention and turn on  TV to play his favorite cartoon. It is my philosophy that our brain, as it reads the fine prints of the data and processes, it understands the body and also plays wicked games at time to keep our body ‘busy sleeping’ by turning on its own home production dream sequence with its favorite characters and plots.  This is strictly my philosophy and I just developed it while I am at it.  More development is needed to strengthen this thought, probably I should  add sub-conscious mind and its functions to master this philosophy.

Waking Up:

To complete its intended function brain requires about 8+ hrs and the requirements vary from individual to individual. It is such an extremely technology that it adapts and sophisticated as it grows to make this process fast and efficient. When a kid is born, the brain is new and so is the body. For the minimum information that it collects it takes much longer for brain to process. It’s almost like a software developer learning how to write “Hello World” on computer 101 class takes almost 3-4 hrs but when the programmer learns the fundamentals, he can write codes and fully functional application in hours. Similarly a baby brain takes almost 14 hrs sleep to process the information and later as it grows and matures, the sleeping time requirement reduces for an adult to almost 6-8 hrs in most cases. Brain divides its functions into conscious and sub conscious minds and this ‘quad core 2 duo processor’ is ready to process much more complex data in much less time. Once the brain is done processing and organizing data the process of waking up starts. The brain turns on the temperature sensors, humidity sensors, audio sensors, etc. When the light is introduced, the Pineal glands located at the center of the brain between two hemispheres is activated and it stops secretion of Melatonin (sleep inducing hormone) . And gradually we wake up from sleep.

Where am I going with all this? Today, I am overwhelmed by such precise and extremely powerful capabilities of my body.  Who ever wrote the genetic code has to be extremely genius. May be in the evolutionary state Human 6.0 (ref: Matrix) has still more upgrades to go with. I would be writing more in next few days on some of my thoughts on how we as human beings have been impaired and are ignorant about our human capabilities. The title Fool’s Paradise will be justified then.

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360 turns 0

360.Yahoo sent me a notification that they will be completely closing their 360.yahoo.com service by July and will no longer support it .  However painful this news was, I’ve bumped yahoo up on my list since they were kind enough to arrange a migration package from 360.yahoo to wordpress.com.  I guess I will start loving this new and advance interface. Hopefully, I will be mumbling some “stuff” more often. 🙂

Good bye 360 !

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Life on Earth


1216846018-hr-207iThe Beginning

Life and evolution of life on earth will remain a quest for the time intelligence is available in life. Centuries have passed and research status has not yet changed from \”ongoing\”. Occassionaly, in every decades there are some group of scientists claim to have \”Debunked\” the evolution process but the following subsequent researches have denied and proposed new theories.

Its is amazing how numerous different varieties of life form exists on earth (and elsewhere?). How every different life form is different and unique in its own virtue of design. While scientists have created a rift among different sets of ideas – Evolution ? Nature selection ? Intelligent Design ? Special creation ? I am glad no-one has ever been able to prove one theory superior over the other. But now it time to give a serious thought on – Why life ? rather than \”How life?\” or \”when life?\”. Is this subject is so sensitive and delicate, that we overlook this on purpose?

The variety of species available in life forms is so vast and perfect – right from single sensed to 5 sense organisms, weeds to trees, virus to humans. They are differnt in all form, shape, color, mobility, senses, virtues, characteristics. Each organism is smart and has a superintelligent and powerful self-mechanism in itself which is self regulatory and self-sustain in nature. Each organism small or large by far is the best design of a life. Complexity as a virtue of nature, the modern science has failed to decode or replicate.

Why life ?

Infinite galaxies exists and we barely know our own solar system. Scientist periodically tend to find a new planet and disregard the old ones and still trillions worth $$ amount has been pumped in on researching life on planets with no possiblies found yet. Then why Earth (atleast among our solar system) ? It is hard to believe the proposed theory that life evolved with condensation of hot earth surfaces causing chemicals to interact magically causing life initiation from lower microbial organisms to evolve upto \’intelligent\’ human species. There must be life force \”soul\” to start these rumbled chemicals into a sophisticated running engine of life. If chemical reactions and hormones and enzymes were responsible for sustaining life then who commands them or controls them and assigns what needs to be done when and why?

From what I look at is every species has a specific role to play on this earth. Even Earth has its on self-sustaining mechanism. Let it be cleaning water, food chain, controling atmospheric chemicals, etc that would be required to sustain the life. Almost gives a feeling that Earth is also protecting life. Is there a symbiotic relationship required between earth and life ? HELL YEAH… no doubt about it. Then what is the role Human beings need to play ? What is our purpose of life as human ?

Purpose ?

Never ever realized bee\’s purpose of existence and its role in sustaining nature. Bees are hated and ridculed to its stings. But if bees are wiped off from earth will we survive without the pollinations and cross pollination unintentionally done by bees ? There would be a huge food crisis followed by reduction in oxygen/ozone etc. Even simple organism like termites or similar ones will make sure that things are cleaned out and provides space for new. Imagine since past 5-6000 years if all the dead plants/animals/huts/furniture was not cleaned out by the nature\’s cleaning mechanism ! Yes, thats right… each and every organism plays some role knowingly or unknowingly to sustain and support nature. But I am still not able to figure out why Human ? What is our purpose ? Why were we considered for being most superior or all species and provided with all 5 sense and an under-developed 6th sense with ability to think, communicate, etc.


Most surprizing fact is, none of the organism other than human beings have been found killing one another in the same family of spicies for no rhyme or reason. May be thats the purpose of being Human.. we must be chosen by the school of nature to give an example to other organisms of what-not-to-be. \”The Devils\” in nature in the \’religion\’ of rest of the species, that gets them doing what they are doing – Good.

Understand : L-i/o-V-E

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Disease Check – Growneria

Time is passing by faster than we could have ever imagined. Change is a part that we live with and the more we ignore it, harder it is to recognize the obvious. It takes a while but there is a moment of clarity when you know you are right there. I don’t think you can clearly define some changes, but to those who keep their eyes wide shut to reality and proclaim to be I-am-young-at-heart types.. I can show some clear symptoms that they also might be suffering from the \”Growneria\”.


  • 6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed
  • You get to listen to your favorite music mostly when you are driving.
  • You check weather often.
  • You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14.
  • Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as \”dressed up.\”
  • Older relatives feel comfortable telling adult jokes around you.
  • You don\’t know what time coffee shop closes anymore.
  • Your car insurance goes down and your payments go up.
  • Realized that sleeping on the couch can make your back hurt.
  • You no longer take naps from noon to 6 PM.
  • Eating a pizza 3 AM is a bad bad idea.. instead you wait till morning to have 2% milk and Oatmeal cereals
  • You actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time.
  • \”Yeah, I can drive faster than that\” replaces, \”Geez, that’s crazy, I\’m never going to ride with you again”.
  • 90% of the time you spend in front of a computer is for real work.
  • Your cell phone day time minutes are actually within the limits and that doesn’t bother you.
  • When you call your friend you no longer talk about the hot chick you saw in the last movie.. instead you tell him about the best investment plan
  • Weekends are to relax
  • You try justifying laughing on lame jokes PJ’s
  • You prefer to call up your friend before crashing at his place at 6pm
  • Movie review are must before going for a movie
  • You envy kids coz they seem to be outsmarting you in new technology
  • Kids address you as Uncle instead of Bhaiya !!!
  • Your key-chains have kroger / cvs / walgreen membership cards

I can’t embarrass myself more than this. Yes, all of those above applies to me. I am sure you might agree with me for most of those if not all.

On a different note, I completely enjoyed the track “Mera Jahan” form TZP (Taare Zameen Par). It has its own unique appeal specially with the treatment of music and fully justified vocals from Adnan Sami. Crisp sharp strumming and confident use of drums with the aalap similar to Kailash Kher’s “Teri Diwaani”.

And this phraze from the lyrics have left mark and haunts my soul


Udne Ko Sau Pankh Diye Hai
Chadme Ko Khula Aasmaan   

Mudne Ko Hai Karwat Karwat
Aur Badhne Ko Mera Jahan


Ok.. back to the point, I have the symptoms to diagnose “Grown-eria” but any treatments ? …

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India Nostalgia



He reached his office in 10 minutes. Five minutes before the clock struck 8. He had defeated time once more. A familiar world of computer screens, guzzling printers and alert eyes watching the screens greeted him. He sat down at his desk, sliped for a cup of coffee and began burning his eyes staring hard at the monitor. He alternated between the file on his table and that on his laptop. He looked at the phone with lights blinking alert for voicemails on display. He scribbles few notes and manipulated a third time his \”to-do\” priority list. He minimized the windows on his laptop screen and stared at the desktop. The wallpaper was a collage of him and his family and friends. He remembers about the good time he had at his native for the vacation few months back.

He quckily realized the load of work he has to finish before he could rest. But soon, there rings an alarm from a stomach that is too hungry, a mind that is tired and a conscience that is slightly weak . Sleep, the angel with a lullaby on her lips visited and broke the clockwork. She asked him to dream. He obeyed and stood at Yogeshwar (kiosk) enjoying his 2 katting chai with bun butter and hurried to Adhsath Panchoter (6875 – Rikshaw) and reached the railway station. He hurries towards the platform but takes a sudden halt, his face looked tensed and he starts checking all his pockets. He started running in opposite direction and stops at Mastana for his double_sev_marke Dabeli. With a smile of satisfaction, he stands at the platform waiting for his Queen (Train). Like a ray of hope, he sees a glowing light at a far distance marching towards him with proud aggression. His desperation to meet faces wearing laughters and glittering gestures was prominently seen in his restlessly tapping legs. There were more running legs and chaotic spread of emotions. As Queen passed by, a strong gush of air and dust came along with it. He could barely keep his eyes open. He struggled and tried harder and finally he succedded but now he sensed a strange calmness,… it was the same world of paper, pen and computers. Yeah… the angel …she had quietly slipped away.

The creature in his soul frowned again. And he realizes.. he is again missing his part of the world.. where he belongs.

Well this story would not be different to most of us. I wonder how stupid we were at INDSA (Indian Student Association) when we created a tag-line for our banner – Creating Home Away from Home ! Did we succeed ? YAH RIGHT !… in my dreams may be !

But however may my world differ from yours, with all the inflated egos digging my gravity – it will still be mine.. forever !

(On a bright news flash – Supreme Court: Reservations can not be permanent)


H A P P Y I N D E P E N D E N C E  D A Y !!!


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The God Delusion (my version)




The world is like a manifold of truth and despair. Viewing angles have changed and so has the understanding. It muses me when I think of how we have changed this world. Michael Friedman describes the evasive technological advancement the world has gone through and he conviniently puts it in his book titled \”The world is Flat\”. Have we really made such huge impact on the world ? With whose consent ? GOD ?

GOD (?):

Ahh GOD ! I dont know why I always feel skeptic about existence of GOD. Ever since man has walked on earth, he is hard and cynical about life. His only goal is to make a difference in his world. He tries to change the very world that he, at times, claims to be created by the GOD – THE PERFECTIONIST.

Man (He):

A strange creature that walks on earth. Always trying to do something new and change the existing lifestyle in endless search for better. He surrndered the soothing gentle comforts of mother nature for steel/concrete jungle and limiting himself in a 10×10 cubicle and started calling himself \’Civilized\’. Yes, he did succeed, he changed the world, atleast his part of it.

This civilized man refused to adapt himself to HIS environment. Instead, he prefered his environment to suit him. He also built cities, roads, vehicles, machinery. But he didn\’t know when to stop. The more he improved his surroundings to make life easier the more complicated he made it. Now our generation is sentenced to 10 to 15 years of school, just to learn how to survive in this complex and hazardous habitat. Those who don\’t are then called \’uncivilized\’. While the civilized man, who refused to adapt this surroundings now finds he has to adapt and re-adapt continuously every hour of the day to his self-created new environment. A thing they was never needed before became a necessity.

Not to forget the increase in the level of possessiveness and competition that came along.. for name, identity and existence. A nature and resources that once was Opensource and accessible to all is now shared into proprietary ownership and confidential patent laws. Everyone\’s worlds are coinciding/colliding and the ripples generated are cummulatively grooming aggression and hatred. And now we have war and terrorism !

Sometimes I wonder… will God ever forgive us for what we\’ve done to each other? Then I look around and I realize… God left this place a long time ago.. leaving us with a hope that HE will return someday..


To me, it is all about hope. In fact, hope is a really important theme in everything I see and hear. My world revolves around hope and when I see evidence of hope in the world I am attracted to it. To me, hope is vital. Because honestly, the world is a pretty messed up place. In the midst of all this tragedy a little ray of hope is powerful. Hope is a frail thing, a precious thing, it is the one thing that makes life worth living.

\’GOD\’ Bless the world !

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