Helping disabled ?

Yesteday, I was running on the corridor of my department trying to chase time. I saw a girl trying to seep at the water fountain that was right next to the exit door. As I tried to open the exit door, to leave the department building, I heard a female voice, “excuse me…..” . My first thought was “not now…. please !”

I turned around and holding the door half open, just to see if that call was for me. It was that girl who was drinking water at the fountain.  

I stopped and asked…. “Yes, …. ? ”

The girl was blonde, short and wearing glasses, dressed in pink skirt and a t-shirt. I could see some water spilled over her t-shirt and was wet. 

She asked me  “Can you tell me where the ladies room is ?”

I said “Its right across the hall way at the end of the corridor” !!

She starred at me for a sec, as if waiting for me to describe in more specifics. I couldn’t noticce her expressions/reaction to my short-reply coz she was wearing dark glasses and I couldn’t see her expressions. Next moment,  I saw her taking out and unfolding a white stick and she  started hitting it to the floor. She was navigating herself. I soon realized……..”Geezzz….. she is blind…… !!!  ” .

She stopped and asked me ” This way ?”

… and I ran into the guilt feeling of not being too helpful in my first opportunity and wanned to help her so I said “Lemme show you the way…”

She said “No its fine, thank you” !!  I guess my generous offer had offended her ? Or did she read my guilt through my voice tone  ?

I wanted to help her but somehowI felt myself to be dumb enough to help her. I knew where the ladies room was but I never knew how to tell a blind person about it ! Do I have to say …” 53 steps straight and it woud be on your right” ???  Or how else do I have to say something that doesnt offend them ??

I felt soo bad about it I figured out that its not we, but its them who are gifted ones.

But do we really know how to help ? May be no….. !

Shah | Nirav

Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara (2005)



\”Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara”, is a must watch for those people who like to see experimental and different films which rely on more on content than hype or glamour. It is a very well directed and a very well acted film, which is surely not to be missed. At the box-office the film might fail to do good business, but then it would not be unexpected.  But such a different and daring subject has little appeal for the masses !! When I started watching movie, my concentration was all diverted on the amazing and marvellous performance by Anupam  Kher and Urmila.  On the first thought, my first reaction was – \”Is he really acting ?\” , it looked so natural !


The movie is about the Prof. (Anupam Kher) who is a gentle,  scholarly, brilliant man who shares a very warm relationship with his children. In the midst of their heartwarming interactions, we start noticing something going wrong..the Professor starts forgetting things..minor things in the beginning, getting on to bigger incidents like forgetting he is retired, forgetting his wife has been dead for two years…it soon becomes apparent that he isn’t just forgetful and that his condition cannot just be attributed to old age, and perhaps it is a serious disorder like Dementia.

Professor slowly starts losing touch with reality, with his behaviour getting more and more bizarre…….. and ultimately, his two children see him crouching under his bed, holding a whole bunch of paper clippings, declaring – ’’Maine Gandhiji ko nahin maara’’.  (This is one of THE best scene in the movie)


Anupam Kher gives the best performance of his lifetime, ever. Such a difficult role was not so easy for anyone to perform. Probably Amitabh or Nasiruddin Shah are the only ones I can think who can do a similar role but it would be unfair to make comparisions. 

He excels in the scenes in which he shows his guilt of killing a man as gentle as Gandhi. Especially he shines in the scene where he hides under the bed due to guilt of killing Gandhi and in the second half,in the courtroom scenes, too he is excellent. Anupam Kher deserves a pat on his back, not only for giving such a wonderful performance but also for producing a film of this kind. Anupam Kher is BRILLIANT as Professor Uttam Chaudharyto me this IS the finest acting performance of the yearThe actor doesn’t slip up even once and gives the most credible performance of a mental illness that I’ve ever seen..including Hollywood movies. 

Urmila Matondkar (daughter) is brilliant once again. She is truly an actress who believes in quality more than quantity. The quality of films she has been doing since last two to three years is excellent. Each new release of hers has the actress attempting different kind of role but with equal brilliance. Urmila, after Pinjar and Tehzeeb, hands in yet another wonderful, intense performance. Whether it is her anguish at her father’s deterioration, her frustration and anger at him when he ’’lets her down’’ in front of her prospective in-laws, or the betrayal she feels when her fiance marries some one else… she is absolutely on the money in terms of conveying her emotions 

Boman Irani as the sharp and clever lawyer is fantastic,once again. He has been proving his ability right from \”J dot Asthana\” of Munnabhai to \”Natubhai\” of Waqt 

Jahnu Barua is a director to watch out for. The director has managed to make a very different, original yet a very gripping film. From the very beginning of the film, when you are introduced to the retired professor and his family till the interval when the professor starts losing his memory and from there to the second half when the professor is humiliated and his daughter supports him, the film succeeds in holding the viewers interest. The first half is executed brilliantly and the second half has some really interesting and well acted moments. There is lots of drama in the second half,which will keep the viewers interest alive.

I am not sure, may be it would be a mere co-incidence but my blog has suddenly seem to have changed to Gandhi Blogs. Hope I find something more diverse than just Gandhi.

Btw, I forgot to mention, there is nothing in this movie about Gandhi or Nathuram. Its just a drama and purely original script (I guess) about a happy family and a old man suffering from serious mental illness.

Shah | Nirav

Gandhi or Gandhism ??



Yesterday, I got the video CD of the, so-called-hyped marathi stage show \”Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy\” (I, Nathuram Godse, am speaking). Nathuram, the alleged killer of The Father of The Nation (only India\’s, thankfully) is the key character of the complete 2 hr play. He narrates his own story and describes his thought process which lead him to take the decision to kill Gandhi !

I had heard a lot about this stage show, had even read about the story but never ever got a chance to see it (thanks to our biggest democracy for banning this one !). Well, we dont like to create \’controversies\’ and thats not it, we really dont like to see people appreciating the slighest efforts to show the other side of Gandhi\’s assassination ?  If I were to rate this play, I would have surely rated this 10/10. I dont have the slightest doubt about why this play was in soooo much demand it was really worth it.


The play is superb, the script is very well developed, characters have performed very effectively and above all, it looks as if the producer/director did his homework. I really appreciate their guts to put up a topic which was naturally going to storm the nation. Afterall, they had to show something so effective, that can it can pierce into the hearts of the viewers who have been used to read/listen to the monotonous \”gandhi is great\” literatures.


Play is basically very balanced. It was definitely one of the finest way of showing the Godse sentiments and expression one can ever think of ! The script was quite unbiased and it probably didn\’t show any Hindu-Muslim hatred in Godse\’s mind. Also there wasn\’t enought hatred shown for Gandhi too ! The Play starts with Nathuram Godse comparing the similarities of  his way of living with that of  Gandhi\’s, and these similarities between them which apparently were the same points for being different from Gandhi. There are some scenes where Godse describes his state of mind and his reactions to it.  He gives a clear impression on the viewer that \”i-am-not-a-maniac\” and his motive for killing Gandhi had a perfect and valid justification.


Gandhi was a person who had been a very powerful person, capable of influencing the masses. His strenght was within him and he was capable of developing that strenght in everyone. I have met people who are hardcore anti-gandhi who think that India could have achieved Independence quite before 1947 if there was no Gandhi. But I doubt it. I am not a big follower of Gandhi and his Gandhian ways but I really admire his HUGE efforts in bringing India closer during the time of crisis. He was a man with influence. Probably he could have been a great Saint, but as a Politician Gandhi had failed. The more he tried to peep into politics, India suffered.


1. Gandhi \”selecting\” Nehru and not Sardar Patel to lead the Independent India

2. Gandhi\’s decision to agree to India-Pakistan partition, which could have been easily avoided.

     India got freedom from Britishers, for which Hindu\’s Muslims had fought togther. Then why a seperate \”muslim nation\” ? Did Bhagat Singh fight for Free Punjab ? Did Bose fight for Free Bengal ? Then why the idea of partition ? If Gandhi was declared as \”father of nation\” after independence, then why is Jinnah considered \”father of nation\” in Pakistan after the partition ? And yeah, wasn\’t Gandhi a believer of democratic country ? Then why was he supporting the idea of Muslim country ??…. hmm.. well…… thats the reason why they say \”gandhi is great\”… u never know !! Well, enough of sarcasm.. lets move forward.

3. Giving 55,00,00,000 (55 crore) Rs. to the newly seperated Pakistan as an help.

     Gandhi went on hunger strike for making the parliament agreeing to this ! What ?? Hunger strike ?? Like threatening Indian govt for giving money to Pakistan ?? Yeah, isn\’t it surprizing ? Well, as a matter of fact, India wasn\’t rich enough to develop itself but generous enough to help the neighbouring country. Hmm.. thats interesting ! Wasn\’t that money suppose to go for the Jawans (soldiers) securing the northern borders? Wasnt that money needed to save ourself from the Chinese infiltration threats ? Yeah.. but thats not being Gandhi ! One has to be generous enough to give his other cheek if someone slaps on one ! And thats what he did..  Gandhi indeed was Great… ha ha ha

Nathuram thought, that if Gandhi keeps taking such wrong decisions after the independence, future generation will hate him for what wrong he did rather than loving him for what he did right ! And being the biggest followers of Gandhi, he would hate to see people cursing him in future… so…. HE stopped HIM !

And yes, there was no \”Hey Ram\”… it was just \”AAh\” … !!

Who knows the truth ??

If you haven\’t yet seen this play……………………………. Go for it !



Shah | Nirav