Helping disabled ?

Yesteday, I was running on the corridor of my department trying to chase time. I saw a girl trying to seep at the water fountain that was right next to the exit door. As I tried to open the exit door, to leave the department building, I heard a female voice, “excuse me…..” . My first thought was “not now…. please !”

I turned around and holding the door half open, just to see if that call was for me. It was that girl who was drinking water at the fountain.  

I stopped and asked…. “Yes, …. ? ”

The girl was blonde, short and wearing glasses, dressed in pink skirt and a t-shirt. I could see some water spilled over her t-shirt and was wet. 

She asked me  “Can you tell me where the ladies room is ?”

I said “Its right across the hall way at the end of the corridor” !!

She starred at me for a sec, as if waiting for me to describe in more specifics. I couldn’t noticce her expressions/reaction to my short-reply coz she was wearing dark glasses and I couldn’t see her expressions. Next moment,  I saw her taking out and unfolding a white stick and she  started hitting it to the floor. She was navigating herself. I soon realized……..”Geezzz….. she is blind…… !!!  ” .

She stopped and asked me ” This way ?”

… and I ran into the guilt feeling of not being too helpful in my first opportunity and wanned to help her so I said “Lemme show you the way…”

She said “No its fine, thank you” !!  I guess my generous offer had offended her ? Or did she read my guilt through my voice tone  ?

I wanted to help her but somehowI felt myself to be dumb enough to help her. I knew where the ladies room was but I never knew how to tell a blind person about it ! Do I have to say …” 53 steps straight and it woud be on your right” ???  Or how else do I have to say something that doesnt offend them ??

I felt soo bad about it I figured out that its not we, but its them who are gifted ones.

But do we really know how to help ? May be no….. !

Shah | Nirav


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Just a normal thoughtful person who enjoys his "Niravana" time to destroy his musings

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