Turkeys want to enjoy Thankgivings too !!


Thanks Giving !

– a time to rest in the long weekend

– a time to celebrate with family and friends and having wonderful dinner

– a time to see places in long weekend

– a time to enjoy the white fresh snow – the nature\’s pure beauty

– a time to prepare shopping lists and buy things at best and cheap deals

Everything sounds so nice and neat, feels like it would be the most beautiful time of the year, everyone is enjoying and everyone is busy ! Parties, Gatherings, Food and Fun……. something that someone would never want to miss.

Seems like everyone is Thankful for all the wonderful celebration. C\’mon  ITS THANKSGIVING !!

But in midst of all this \”clean and clear\” aoura, lil turkeys are being shamelessly killed?  Why do they have to run and resist to save their lives ? Why is their blood being splashing all over the walls of the poultry farms ? Why ??

Ain\’t they beautiful birds ? They have this innocence.., their eyes seem to have a hope for life. Their eyes seems like questioning – \”WHY US ?\”

WATCH THIS VIDEO TURKEY\’S VIDEO (Caution: if you are a turkey, please don\’t dare to watch)



  • Some 46 million turkeys will be eaten on Thanksgiving, another 22 million at Christmas dinners. Overall, 95 percent of U.S. residents reported eating turkey at Thanksgiving, according to a survey by the National Turkey Federation. (source: Science News)
  • The average American consumes 17 pounds of turkey meat per year, resulting in the annual slaughter of 252 million turkeys—more than 65 million of whom are killed during the winter holiday season alone. (source: Compassion Over Killing – COK



Let the Turkeys give Thanks!

Shah | Nirav


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