Black Friday: The Banned Movie




It was Friday night, around 2 am. I was completely exasperated with the assignments and school’s work load. Before going to bed, I thought – let me check out the print of “Black Friday”. This thought actually meant that I should be checking the quality of the print on TV and turn off the dumb thing(TV) to sleep. But who can control? I bet once you start this movie, there’s no way you would ever shut it off till it ends. Let me make one thing clear, I generally watch all kinds of movies, but these kind of movies fall in a typical genre, say it conspiracy or fact – files or reality, for me it rank on the top of every genre.  


The movie was suppose to hit the Indian screens probably few months back, but was soon banned! Well, the reasons seem to be justified. The movie is based on true story about Friday – the March 12, 1993 – Mumbai bomb blasts; a series of bomb blasts that rocked apart all the human emotions and almost had brought the restless city – Mumbai , on halt. The present scenario is, there are cases filed and the final judicial verdict would be out soon. But the release of the movie would have surely biased the public opinions against the alleged criminals. The decision to ban the movie made perfect sense. Read about it in details <>  

The movie is “based on true story” – directed by Anurag Kashyap (yeah, the same director whose previous film “Paanch” was banned too!) and written by Z. Hussain (writer of the book Black Friday, which is an extensive research and documentation of the Bombay bomb blast case)  


One word… SHOCKING !  

Watch the 6 trailers: 

 I almost felt as if it wasn’t a movie but a kind of reality videos. The characters were so real. Kay Kay Menon (Sarkar fame) and Aditya Shrivastava (CID fame) made it look so real! Anurag Kashyap really needs pat on his back for such a tremendous effort. I understand what courage it takes to quote “Based on true story” in the title and he proved it. After movies like Satya, Kaun, Shool and Paanch he seems to be fully aware and loaded with his crisp and sharp presentation techniques. At no point of time the movie looses the grip. There has been no commercial value added to the movie giving 100% justification to the seriousness of the case discussed.

Black Friday is presented in form of 5 Chapters. These chapters maintain a decent chronology of the events moving back and forth with time trying to explain each and every part of the Bombay bomb blast scheduling, its roots, the purpose, investigation, revealing conspiracy, collecting evidence, and present status.  


 All the characters names used in the movie are real (no alias used… Very brave !)

  • The bomb blasts were the outcome of the reaction of notorious Muslims to the Babari masjid and Mumbai riots in 1992
  • Tiger Memon and Dawood’s intrigue relationship was shown along with their connection with Pakistan’s and Dubai’s govt.
  • Pakistan’s wicked reactions have been shown (ripped off)
  • Original tapes and pictures and news flashes were used at times.
  • The dialogues have lots of abusive, making it sound real (no beeps)
  • Some dialogues have directly been attacking the religious sentiments (hint ! )

The background score is given by Indian Oceans (Kandisa fame). Beware: the music is so touchy at times that it will keep haunting in your mind reminding of the hardcore reality.

\”Arey ruk ja re bandeh,

k kudarat has padegi\”

\”An eye for an eye makes the world blind\” – Gandhi

Watch the movie to believe me !


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