Rang De Basanti : Generation Awakens




Ok, now after watching Rang De Basanti (RDB) twice in the first week of its release, I think I would go for buying the DVD or may be the Director\’s Cut edition of this movie. If I had a choice between Swades and RDB – I think RDB rocks !!

Swades to me was a hard hitting film too, all that I had thought of, all that I had wished for all that I had imagined was right there on the celluloid. Probably Swades was within everyone and Ashutosh gave it a nice format to show it on the celluloid to the mass. But some things have changed from Swades to RDB !

Rang De Basanti

 Message: \”koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota hai use perfect banana padta hai\”

(No country is perfect, it has to be made perfect\”)

It has a strong message to convey which was applicable to everyone ! It doesn’t matter what country you are from nor your age that matters. What matters is how much is within you and what can you come up with. It is a story that you have lived with. Its a story of a group of friends with typically different characteristics which you happen to see in your own group. I think people who have criticized the movie they are the typical masala mongers who always go for a movie to see some song sequences in beautiful locations, some drama and some comedy. If you fall in the above category – please don’t go for RDB !!!!

I had people complaining that RDB was very unreal ! They started pointing out flaws such as – A documentary film by Sue can not be a documentary, Defense minister can\’t go for morning walk with just one body guard, first half slow… second half wierd,…etc etc… OOhh c\’mon….. is this what you saw in this movie ? The point is, these people never get the message and they never will. You can not afford to come out of a movie like BLACK and say – \”This is movie was stupid.. how can a blind and deaf girl go to a university with normal students ?\” If one does so, then I think it would be pointless to argue with such people. Its the whole movie and style that come along as the part and parcel of the movie that you got to sit n enjoy but the only thing you need to take home is the thought, the message conveyed, the moral, the idea, the philosophy.

I had just one thing for them to say – u dont deserve watching good movies. And probably these are the same people who would have appreciated movies with ultimate unreal love stories.

What I liked ?

Cinematograpy !!

This is one part of the movie you really got to watch for. Its amazing !! Each and every frame captured and edited is has soo much to say and its so … soo.. technically supported ! The music by A.R. Rehman essentially fuses with the fresh nd crips cinematography ! Each and every scene, along with the music and the camera settings had the real impact of the message. Let it be the scene where they want to show the insanity of Sharman Joshi and Aamir on the Rock drinking Beer or The speeding bike race with car or the lathi charge scene or cremation .. I would rate cinematography + music as a complete winner !


Aamir – needless to say he performed his best again. The scene where Aamir cries at Sue\’s apartment is amazing. It really shows the caliber of the genius.

Sharman Joshi – One of my favorite characters. Live, fresh, enthu yet sensitive ! The hariyani lingo suits him the best. His drunk scene near Jama Masjid where he sings \”lamba mera yaar, uski chotti galli;  talli galli talli galli ….talli galli..\” was so funny !

Siddharth – I have seen him peppy and trendy in \”Jhankar Beats\” and now serious and mature with cigarette puffing.. great !! Watch the scene where he is at the crematory and his eyes half filled with tears !

Atul Kulkarni – He is a veteran actor from the live performing theatre.. He really justifies his role. The sequence where he goes to Alsam and he says \”….s…sorry\”… That was the time when I was expecting him to say some long speech and some sentimental dialogues.. but it made so much sense and impact when he shows his deep emotions with his breaking down attitude to say …. \”Sorry\”

Soha Ali Khan – The next Sharmila Tagore ?? May be or may be not ! But I was moved by her acting ability which came out completely unexpected. The scene where she shows her mixed reactions of fear, expectation, prayer, tension, shock and tears all together when she watches the news channel about the MIG 21 crashing is simply – SUPERB

All other actors did their part … anupan kher, om puri, Narayan Rane (defense minister) all did justify their roles and performances.

Finally, the end part of the movie with the footage of news reporters interviewing the college students (Gen X) and the rage and out burst shown by them was no way forgettable. I remember one guy saying \”They have ignited it, and we would not let it fuss out like this.\” and yeahh the message in the movie is not gonna fuse out…. !

Let me ask – Does it really need a bomb to make a deaf listen to you?

I guess, watch it to know it !

Shah / Nirav ™

© Copyrights 2006 Nirav Shah.  Some rights Reserved !


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6 Responses to Rang De Basanti : Generation Awakens

  1. Mayank says:

    It was an extremely poor example of what today’s youth can do. The movie was directed very fine but had a poor ending and story. But it was true in the ending that when some body does something like that then he is destined to be killed immaterial of his intentions. Also above then that he would be called a terrorist after so called government investigation. Only couple of news channel would talk with young college(biggest losers, gand mein dum nahi hum kisise kam nahi)kids and thatz it. So i think its not worth buying a disc. Also i would go for rather Kamal Hassan’s Hindustani as in the end instead of getting caught, the person lives in a style.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hahaha……. mann….. u made me laff with that G&#& mein dum nahi dialogue….. hahah !! anyways… u r still invited to watch the movie for free once i get the DVD…. lolz !!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with what my sensible frnd mayank has said. Whatever these ppl did was a sign of weakness. Many crimes happen in india like rapes, murder, robbery etc and if everyone starts taking laws into their own hand then this country would turn the bihar way. They themselves said that to change this country please join army, navy or become an ias officer then why the hell they didnt do that. I know what message they wanted send but they ended up provoking youngsters to take laws into their own hand. This film brings into light the vague knowledge posessed by script writer in history. He must have been weak in that subject during his school time and hasnt understood yet. Bhagat singh took lives for freedom these guyz took lives to impress the naive audience. i know with this comment mr nirav shah would be upset but as soon as he accepts this reality he would bounce back to normal condition.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well democracy rules….. and moreover I completely support freedom of speech as the fundamental right to all! But I believe that the director had shown a flashback part where he showed that Bhagat Singh was motivated to fight for freedom only after the Jalianwala Baug massacre where he had lost his close relatives…. isnt it ? umm…. yeah.. thats it for now.. !

    Shah / Nirav

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why you found it as a fabulous movie, it was a totaly unrealistic and non sense Amir Khan movie

  6. Anonymous says:

    this movie is bullshit … hey did you know bullshit is used to produce gobar gas which lights up the stoves of many poor indian families and is also a very good and cheap source of manure for the farmers … So bullshit aint so “bull” after all …..

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