What is INDIA ?



Patriotism had never been defined clearly in any of the dictionaries, atleast none that I am satisfied with. I don\’t know if anywhere the 10 lettered word  has been clearly explained in any encyclopedia or wikipedias, atleast none that has quenched my thoughts.  Probably because it can\’t be defined. And probably is thats the reason one remains patriotic,  just to fulfill the unsolved quest ?

 I\’ve always wondered what it means to be Indian. Am I really Indian? Does holding an Indian passport make me Indian? Is there a difference between being a citizen of India and being an Indian? These are questions that I have asked myself and I\’ve tried coming up with answers but each new series of thoughts have made me scrap my preceeding ones. With that note, why not try blogging them up just to check the complete variation in my thought process. Ofcourse its quite difficult to log every thougt and ideas effectively but who-cares ?  I\’ll be posting some random ideas on this page. I don\’t expect you to agree with everything I say, but I do expect you to respect my opinion, because the least we can do is respect the opinions of other people. You might think I\’m a fanatic, but that\’s alright. It doesn\’t really matter what other people think of me as long as I\’m sure that I\’m sure.

Well thats it for now !

 Shah / Nirav ™ 
© Copyrights 2006 Nirav Shah.  Some rights Reserved !


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Just a normal thoughtful person who enjoys his "Niravana" time to destroy his musings

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