What is INDIA ? Quest series # 2



I don\’t think it\’s humanly possible to describe India in words. To me, India is not a piece of land with over a billion humans and countless other life forms. India has to be felt. It is an idea, an emotion. Trying to define India is like trying to define existence of God. We know we can\’t define THE. If we could, we would end up being the all-knowing power that God is. Our imagination is finite. India isn\’t. So, trying to define India is futile.

That brings us back to the same question. What is India? I think it\’s one of those questions that don\’t have answers. But, there must be something that comes close to the definition of India or Indianism. I don\’t know. I do think that Indianism has got nothing to do with knowing the Indian national anthem or having an Indian passport.

I\’m trying to think of India and I can see these images passing by by eyes swiftly and smoothly .. all are random and I have definitely no control over them. I can see them, but I can\’t describe them. I can feel them, but I can\’t draw them. They aren\’t good or bad images, they\’re just images of what I might be thinking India is. I don\’t know where to start. I can see my home, my family, my friends. But, is that really all that India is to me? A place to call home? I don\’t know. Is India just these collection of random pics, voices, emotions, expressions, and memories of my family, friends and neighbourhood ? Try it yourself, what do you see when you think of India ? Is it just some memories of fun, laughter, disasters, stories and fictions ?

I wonder what it would be like if I didn\’t have an Indian passport- a proof of my citizenship (Indian-ness?). I see people in India whose only aim in life is to leave India and move to a more \”lucrative\” environment, dont blame them but I also do see people who\’ve left India and whose only aim in life is to go back to India to be with their family, their friends, their people- to be home. Why? What is so much that India has to offers that tends to drag us back home ? What on earth is special about that \”peace\” of land that makes us crave and reminds us every day we look our faces in mirror ? Quest is still on. I am here just to go further with trying to define INDIA.. and my search is still on, and will go on.

But I, my soul, gets assured that India is a lot more than just THAT. I take my India with me wherever I go. My India lies in my thoughts, and that\’s where home is…at least for me.

Shah / Nirav ™ 
© Copyrights 2006 Nirav Shah. Some rights Reserved !


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