What is INDIA ? Quest series # 3


There are a lot of people who really love India. I guess I am one of them. Some people call them fanatics and jingoists. After all, they say, \”We are citizens of the world and we belong to one race- the human race. Patriotism is just another form of selfishness and another source of division and discrimination.\” I agree. I am patriotic, and I love India more than any other country. A disaster in India means a lot more to me than a disaster in any other country. I am selfish, yes. But, what can they accuse me of? If they can accuse someone of being over-patriotic, they might as well accuse him of \”over-loving\” his mother.

If there was a fire in our area, I would save my house, my family first. Yes, I am selfish. I can claim to love the entire human race, and I can also say that love can never be compared, but all I know is, I feel a lot more for those I know. I love the people I can relate to a lot more than those I don\’t even know. I call it natural human behavior. According to me, it is extremely hard to be unselfish. The only way to reach that state of unselfishness is through losing (or letting go of) your \”self\”. I don\’t know if that\’s possible.

To me, India is just an extension of my family, and that\’s how it should be. I think that\’s how the world works. It is an organization of caring – with individuals caring about themselves at the grassroots. At the highest level, we have an individual caring about the entire universe. Most of our efforts go into caring about our own lives. I don\’t know if I\’m making sense. It\’s hard to confine thoughts to words without sacrificing their purity.

Some people say that patriotism is not justified. They say that countries are just pieces of land- geographical entities with political boundaries. I guess, to them, human beings are nothing more but orderly arrangements of chemical structures, and emotions are nothing but the physiological reactions resulting from the secretion of some hormones ?!? And the national flag is just a piece of cloth. I wonder why some people give up their lives to defend the honor of a piece of land- to make sure that the \”piece of cloth\” they love so much never has to bow in disgrace. Well, people are different…

Shah / Nirav ™
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