What is India ? Quest series # 4



There are so many sides to India, so many ways to look at it. You could say it\’s just an idea, a whole bunch of things you relate with it and that you can relate to. It\’s also a political entity, an economy, a culture- a mixture of cultures, a group of people- over a billion of them.

India, as an idea- a dream, is perfect. There\’s a unique India for everyone. The way I look at it, as an Indian, is to try and integrate India with all its physical reality with  India that lies in that idea of perfection. Perfection is limitless. At no point can it be touched. We can only get close to it. But how does that happen?

They say that India is becoming unlivable. That there is this system that cannot be changed. So what if the economy is growing and people are getting richer (in theory, at least)? It\’s true to an extent. Having lived outside India for about 2 years, and following the news and everything, I kind of felt like India was changing for the better. People would want to go back now- jobs are being created and wages are increasing. India, the economy, is looking good. But is that all there is to a country, an ECONOMY ???  Change happens. To me, this whole \”booming economy\” thing is more by coincidence than by design.

Living in India is completely different. The \”system\” still exists. If something illegal is happening around you, they say you should ignore it. Does it go away if you pretend it doesn\’t exist? Does it not happen again if you ignore it once? Our \”let it go\” attitude is responsible for this whole system, where bribes are almost impossible to do without and where the concept of punishment exists only to be applied on those who cannot afford to buy their way out.

We blame the system. We blame our politicians. We blame low salaries for government employees. We blame corruption. That\’s it. We can just sit back and watch the fun, and let the \”system\” take care of everyth ing. It can\’t be changed after all.

Change happens. To MAKE it happen, you need power. You can\’t drive a car from 10 feet away (unless it\’s remote-controlled). You either need to be at the wheel yourself, or you need to put someone there AND control him/her. There\’s no other way. We need laws that work. But most importantly, we need to be able to implement those laws as uniformly as possible. And that\’s the hard part.

H A P P Y   I N D E P E N D E N C E   D A Y !!!

Shah / Nirav ™ 
© Copyrights 2006 Nirav Shah.  Some rights Reserved !


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