And now its A National Song !


Its a deeper disgrace! Bankim Chandra would have ever thought that his song that had inspired hundreds to unite and fight is the same to ingnite hatred among millions. May be thats why we call – mystic tunes have beats of red notes.

The world is watching, and they might be thinking. Why does it always have to revolve around Islam ? I have many of my friend from the so-called minority community but never did I feel that they had a conflicting national and religious sentiments. 

Vande Mataram.
  Bow to you, my mother land! 
You are blessed with rushing streams,
You are bestowed with fertile soil,
You are glorified by cool breeze,
and the dark waving fields!
Pure as the bright heavenly stars,
Adorned with blossoming gardens.
With an enchanting smile,
With words as sweet as nector,
Bestow your blessings on me!
Lovilest of all earthly lands,
Mother great and free!

[Can someone tell me where\’z religious sentiment getting hurt ? I can\’t find Durga or Allah mentioned either]
National Song is song of the nation and nation is beyond caste, creed and religion. We live in our country, we have to behave like its citizen and abide by the rules and regulations. Burning buses, killing innocents, killing merit after singing Vande Mataram is not patriotism.

Islamic hardliner around the globe are making it difficult for moderate muslim to live peacefully. Atmosphere is full of hatred now. Every muslim is looked down as a terrorist these day. Its high time that they (common muslims) should shun such religious zealots. After all, the hardcore reality is – what the world needs the most is peace and not god or allah or bhagwan.

Truly sad , a needless controversy is being created about a very inspiring song. Thank god we have AR Rahman in our midst to give a suitable and inspiring musical reply to the fatwa spewing mullahs. Arjun Singh has again managed to create a needless controversy by first issuing an order for its singing and then rescinding his order. No wonder we end up supporting BJP.

The whole matter has unnecessarily been given a communal touch. Though in a democracy, nobody can be forced to do anything but in a multi-ethnic country like India, it is very necessary to have some strong binding force like patriotism. \’Vande Mataram\’ is our national song and if any indian does not feel patriotic while singing this song then he should not sing it irrespective of his religion but don\’t spoil the beauty of the song by dissecting it and misinterpreting it.

It now seems that Indians ate more interested in religion than the country itself. Its a pity that we are fighting for the reason where national song is it be sung by all or not!

(Forword: Sindh (river) – Sindhu – Shindh – Ind (Indus valley) – Hind – Hindu – Hinda\’ – India  ! Ring the bells ?)

Shah / Nirav ™ 
© Copyrights 2006 Nirav Shah.  Some rights Reserved !

I bow to you, my mother

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