Lost in Transition


This time its nothing to do with India/politics nor has anything spiced up pinch about movies. Its just a Damn Sexy song!! It all started during this long weekend while I had been driving more than 700 miles and this one came as my best companion – a song !!

I never have had a feeling before so strange, but this one had stumped me to core. It is something ridiculously wierd \’coz  I really dont know how to express as its completely insane. Its like, you get this complete song haunting you anytime of the day (and night too to be precise) and this wont go untill you plug yourself to it for like god-zillions times all in a loop  and enjoy repeating its everlasting effect. And finally, you end up craving to hear it more and more. At a point I wanted this song to play simultaneously all around me in like.. 5-10 different music players all at same time !  DAMN this feeling !


Its Fuzon Khamaj
Mora Saiyan moh se bole na 

Sawan Beeton jaye teharwa
Man Mera Khabraye
Aiso Gaye Pardes Piya tum  (2)
Chain hume nahi aye (2)
Mora saiyan Mo se bole na (2)
Mai laakh Jatan kar haaari ,
Laakh jatan kar haar rahiiii
Mora sayian Mo se bole na …..

It has this amazing guitar riffs and bends that plays so smoothly along with rythmic chord progression added  with a little brass \’matka\’ kind of beats giving it a kind of gloomy folk tone. And ofcourse the classical sufi touch in the voice with raaga – khamaj (?assumed)  makes the whole song …soo.. soo PERFECT !!  Its lovely to listen to this song in the evening, with darkening skies,  lil rain showers and a cup of hot coffee in ur hand or may be it would be great during winter snows or may be fall ! Damnn , I think its lovely for all time of the seasons ! I could just play on and on and on, probably because although it is so monotonous  – you just wouldn’t feel that its becoming repetitive.

I remember when I first heard this song , it was as if the sole solace for my worries back then ! You know  those times when you just don’t mind being stupid and letting the song take over you, if it takes somethings off your head!

I recommend to listen to it while you are on a long drive, or on a lonely night while you are waiting for things to lit up fresh, or when you have an anger led helplessness feel about being unable to do something. But the best is to close your eyes and let the song take you over COMPLETELY !!

Sufi lovers – just Listen to it¦ I think you’ll know  what I am upto.
Download: (official RM) http://www.fuzontheband.com/songs/11.rm

Shah / Nirav ™
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