God’s Messenger !


god_inside_you: BUZZ !
shahnirav_2000: ?? do i know u ?

god_inside_you: I am GOD/BHAGWAN
shahnirav_2000: yeah yeah.. ok, asl plz (ASL = age,sex location)

god_inside_you: 24, m , michigan
shahnirav_2000: must be kidding r8 ? who are you ? its not even funny.. m busy.. will talk later

god_inside_you: I know, Vatsa. Thats why I am here to help you !
shahnirav_2000: m not buying it… who gave you my ID !

god_inside_you: You yourself pray to me everyday. Today I was impressed. You are messed up, ain\’t you?
shahnirav_2000:   how did you know? who are you ? lemme check your profile details

shahnirav_2000: your ID profile doesnt exist… ..
shahnirav_2000: are you really err.. darnn…

god_inside_you: its ok, I can understand. Denial is most predictable of all human responses. Tell me whats eating up your mind, Son

shahnirav_2000: m sorry for all the disrespect. Can you tell me why is life so complicated?
god_inside_you: Stop analysing life. Just live it. Analysis is what makes it complicated.

shahnirav_2000: Then what makes people unhappy?
god_inside_you: 2 days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday ! Your today is the tomorrow, that you worried about yesterday. Worrying has become a habit and thats what makes everyone unhappy !

shahnirav_2000: How can one not worry when there is great amount of uncertainity in your world ? 
god_inside_you: Uncertainity is inevitable, but worrying is optional.

shahnirav_2000: But there are so many problems around, it makes almost impossible to predict where we are heading to.
god_inside_you: Son,.. If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look Inside. Remember..  Looking outside, you dream. Looking inside, you awaken. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides insight.

shahnirav_2000: I always wonder , who am I , why am I here.. Is it just luck or coincidence or a karmic plan or beyond ?
god_inside_you: Seek not to find who you are, but determine who you want to be ! Stop looking for a purpose as to why you are here. Create it. Luck and co-incidence are some lame words that makes you reckon your inablity to act apt.

shahnirav_2000: what is the phil..
god_inside_you: Son, Develop a trust in yourself. All your answers are in you. Look inside.

shahnirav_2000: where are you located ?
shahnirav_2000: hello… ??
shahnirav_2000: BUZZ !

The supreme force (THE), the soul is inside you.
There’s A SYSTEM where a  lil GODs are implanted in every species so that the karmic calculations/results are sooner, better, quicker and faster.

Its purely a thought inspired by Matrix (movie), religion, email fwd’s, one liners, quotes
The chat never happened (ofcourse !).

(Mature Content Warning: not meant for hurting religious sentiments of any individual. Its solely imaginary)

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Reversed Illusion


The world seems too big for the little piece we craved for. Felt good when I found that I was just a \”yellow line\” away from my HOME !

Finally found my house on the so called big world. Indeed, Thomas Friedman wasn\’t drunk when he wrote \”The world is Flat\”.

Your next  hour will be gone here –> http://www.wikimapia.org check it out if your home is listed, if not add it !

And now plz pray for all those millions of innocent Turkeys  slaughtered  mercilessly.
Read: Turkeys want to enjoy Thankgivings too !! 

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Leaving Home



After that little blog of mine \”Lost in Transition\”, many of you have compelled me to re-think over the choice of songs I am into. Its a wildly driven paradox ; when I am with my folks I never have  had played/appreciated these so-called-lounge genre\’. And probably thats the reason you guys couldnt comply with the sudden but subtle change. lol… A theory again ! But thanks for all your comments.

I am right now plugged into (its not best as Khamaj but it certainly appeals me)
Song: Leaving Home
Album: Kandisa
Band:– Indian Oceans –


Its a hymn and has been performed by the Indian Ocean (Black Friday fame). Kandisa was a great album and had more good music especially with their \”Kandisa\” and \”Ma Reva\”. There is something about Indian Ocean’s music that touches a chord somewhere within. Its a mix of rock and classical, drums and sitar, tabla and guitar, or Sanskrit (?assumed) all take equal preference. But I must admit that Kandisa is among those few albums that doesnt seem to be forced or pretentious. There is this.. great amount of soul enriching quality to it.. complete off-track to the present music scenario in India.

During the college days me and my friends played \”Kandisa\” almost 50 times a day at hostel room (inspired by Annual Function\’s Fashion show  ), but that wasn\’t strange – we had only few cassettes left with us (all other were lost/donated/destroyed.. ). Call it a compulsion but whatever that was, it was fun to listen to same song no-matter-what-time of day and night and bug your friends by singing (?yelling) them loud.. ! Fun were those times, but probably I never noticed this song ;  infact I never had to. I could figure out the meanings of lyrics Ma Reva and Kandisa so needless to say, this \”leaving home\” went overshadowed. But now when I re-think this one is far better song then the other tracks of Kandisa.

For those who dont (*want to*) understand Hindi, they might find this one easier and soothing. Its just a well coordinated fusion of strings and percussions (my fav). Surprizingly, after a little bit of research on this song I found this song description –


\”The concept dwells on the Pastoral Myth revisited. There is no golden past, yet we seek it ultimately. We want to leave home, and then, one day, we wish to return. But we can never go back to the same. Because, home has changed, and in many ways, so have we.\”

So true and wonderful, isnt it ?

Well, this would probably be my last blog on songs.. I need to get back on controversies ASAP ! (My reputation: My \”friend\” (?name protected) forwarded me a nice song and asked me to write a blog on it !! ha ha.. as if I earn my bread from songs )

Percussion lovers – Digg it ! (Recommend you to use your \’better quality\’ headphones, set your WMP to – \”techno\” and turn ON your SRS WOW and adjust the slider for crisp sharp tabla beats )

Download: Leaving Home (Nirav Edit) (click mp3)
[Note: I had edited the mp3 files and cut some vocal parts of song to sound better )

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And Saddam gets The Death Sentence



\”What ?? Really ? I dont believe it ! \” – These reactions might sound hillarious.

As if no one knew about the death sentence. Its funny coz the complete American media was jammed pack, creating an unnecessary anxiety among the viewers about the whole SAddam Trial\’s last verdict.

What do you expect after Saddam\’s Raging terror in court, Saddam and Party Quiting almost 50% of the court proceedings, changing 3 Judges, killing 7 plaintiff lawyers , a dozen witnesses who dramatically didnt show up to testify and the remaining few of the witnesses used curtains to give their testimony with voice re-modulation !

Wow what a novel court room it might be. The complete Saddam Trial sounded like reading a John Grisham\’s new reading.

Well but who cared if Saddam lived or died ? Does it really matters ? I won\’t be surprized if there is one more dramatic turn in the whole scene if Human Rights people might just show up to save Saddam.

Lets see Saddam\’s next move for his fight for life .

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