God’s Messenger !


god_inside_you: BUZZ !
shahnirav_2000: ?? do i know u ?

god_inside_you: I am GOD/BHAGWAN
shahnirav_2000: yeah yeah.. ok, asl plz (ASL = age,sex location)

god_inside_you: 24, m , michigan
shahnirav_2000: must be kidding r8 ? who are you ? its not even funny.. m busy.. will talk later

god_inside_you: I know, Vatsa. Thats why I am here to help you !
shahnirav_2000: m not buying it… who gave you my ID !

god_inside_you: You yourself pray to me everyday. Today I was impressed. You are messed up, ain\’t you?
shahnirav_2000:   how did you know? who are you ? lemme check your profile details

shahnirav_2000: your ID profile doesnt exist… ..
shahnirav_2000: are you really err.. darnn…

god_inside_you: its ok, I can understand. Denial is most predictable of all human responses. Tell me whats eating up your mind, Son

shahnirav_2000: m sorry for all the disrespect. Can you tell me why is life so complicated?
god_inside_you: Stop analysing life. Just live it. Analysis is what makes it complicated.

shahnirav_2000: Then what makes people unhappy?
god_inside_you: 2 days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday ! Your today is the tomorrow, that you worried about yesterday. Worrying has become a habit and thats what makes everyone unhappy !

shahnirav_2000: How can one not worry when there is great amount of uncertainity in your world ? 
god_inside_you: Uncertainity is inevitable, but worrying is optional.

shahnirav_2000: But there are so many problems around, it makes almost impossible to predict where we are heading to.
god_inside_you: Son,.. If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look Inside. Remember..  Looking outside, you dream. Looking inside, you awaken. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides insight.

shahnirav_2000: I always wonder , who am I , why am I here.. Is it just luck or coincidence or a karmic plan or beyond ?
god_inside_you: Seek not to find who you are, but determine who you want to be ! Stop looking for a purpose as to why you are here. Create it. Luck and co-incidence are some lame words that makes you reckon your inablity to act apt.

shahnirav_2000: what is the phil..
god_inside_you: Son, Develop a trust in yourself. All your answers are in you. Look inside.

shahnirav_2000: where are you located ?
shahnirav_2000: hello… ??
shahnirav_2000: BUZZ !

The supreme force (THE), the soul is inside you.
There’s A SYSTEM where a  lil GODs are implanted in every species so that the karmic calculations/results are sooner, better, quicker and faster.

Its purely a thought inspired by Matrix (movie), religion, email fwd’s, one liners, quotes
The chat never happened (ofcourse !).

(Mature Content Warning: not meant for hurting religious sentiments of any individual. Its solely imaginary)

Shah / Nirav ™ 
© Copyrights 2006 Nirav Shah.  Some rights Reserved !


About niravshanti
Just a normal thoughtful person who enjoys his "Niravana" time to destroy his musings

One Response to God’s Messenger !

  1. Rheea says:

    Me too want’s to talk to god 😛

    Yaar connection lagvade na..

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