Truth – A Devine Intervention



Doesn’t matter where we begin
All have to somewhere make a mint start –

More than anything, think we get betrayed
By the matters of our own heart.

(source: unknown)


Shah / Nirav ™ 
© Copyrights 2006 Nirav Shah. Some rights Reserved !

Satire: SO-WHAT , if 2006 was bad ?



Saddam, once a King of a regim is no longer alive. People say he is dead, I say he is alive more than ever he lived. Most of them would reticent about the whole issue but who really wants to talk about it anyways? A person lives and dies, who cares? Its better to be impassive about certain things rather than debating the derogated news lines. On a fresher side, death to Saddam probably gave lots of challenged minds a new direction. So-What, if some think its end of terrorism (gimme a break) while few have forgotten Laden (or his terror). I would say thats a good start for 2007.

For India its again a time to celebrate. Well our 4 PSLV\’s just worked out fine ! Thats a manifestation of triumph ! So-What, if our N-deal would not be of our best interest, out scientists are doing good and are motivated anyhow isnt it ?

Iran and N.Korea have declared themselves as Nuclear states (unofficially). Wow ! Thats what I call is balance of powers. One nation can not have all the powers and force other countries to be deprived of it ! So-What, if the nuclear technology was strategically \”foreign\” funded. It was bound to happen and I am glad it happened now. If it were have happened before or after than now, I believe, would still be the same – glad !

Gujarat\’s growth rate is now 10.2% ! Its emerging as India\’s most productive (or vibrant) state. Now thats unfair ! Oh com\’on… no foreign investors or MNC\’s have ever heard of any of the IT cities in Gujarat. So-What, if the small scale industries are growing or So-What, if infra in remote Gujarat getting better (24hrs uninterrupted electricity to 18,065 villages in Gujarat). Narendra Modi should be accused of such humoungus crime against nation and sent to Karnataka instead, well Its only Banglore err.. Bengaluru that should define Indian economy isnt it ? Crapp !

Indian telecom industry has been a great help. 15% of the population (roughly 140m) is now using cell phones. While there are only 8% (roughly 75m) internet users. So-What, if the telecom has created more entrepreneurs and bridged the rural-urban gaps, its only contributing 0.6% (not sure) of GDP ! Thats disgusting ! Shouldnt it be banned from progressing ? So-What, if, the vast majority of Indians will access internet for the first time via cell phones and India will be among the first countries to have such huge cell-net. The point it, India needs more IT and not Telecom, isnt it suppose to be the trend ? Digitally divided INDIA Huh !

Ha ha, Satires are intersting So-What, if some would just take them in wrong sense. Have a mint 2007 !

Shah / Nirav ™
© Copyrights 2007 Nirav Shah. Some rights Reserved !