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Anthony Grant, one of my friendly ex-employees (and mentor to me) is quite an enthusiastic person and not to forget a brilliant brain with friendly smile. I was shocked to know that he is figting BRAIN CANCER. Initially it started, a couple of months back, as short term head aches, which were ignored initially. Later on, he found that there was a pattern to these head aches. Diagnosis and test results showed that he had 7cm x 7cm x 5 cm tumour. Doctors declared it as 3rd GRADE. (on the fence). He has been a fighter and I am sure he would kick that \”bastard\” out of his head and flush it BIG TIME, my prayers are all for him.



Here are few of his doctor\’s recommendation:

  •  Avoid cell phones if possible, use HOME PHONE (not even chordless).
  •  Bluetooth helps, but there have been cases reported, so avoid that too ! (SHOCKED !)
  •  Heat your food on stove rather than Microwave
  •  Do not use plastic/foam containers while heating food in microwave – use glassware (CORELLE)
  •  Do not use plastic wrap over the glassware while in microwave
  •  Do not stand in front of a microwave when in use
  •  Advice your barber to use scissors instead of machine !
  •  many more ..

Recently I have been doing a little bit research on cellphone usage and its effects on brain cancer. (GOVERNMENT DENIES KNOWLEDGE ! )

Next few links SHOULD alarm you and please for your own sake, READ THEM !

– Cellphone radiation can boil eggs in 65 mins ! (Click: Source: Russian website)
– LIST OF PHONES AND THEIR RADIATION SEVERITY ! (Click: check your phone SAR level at )
– Cellphone-cancer research = Tobacco v2.0 (Click: source:

Wiki site >

Read the book review by Adam F. Jewell (might need to scroll down a bit) : (Click: source

Forget the technical part, havent you felt it ?
– No privacy (people trying to sneak into your life details)
– Anytime, Everytime (always expect call)
– Infiltrating your deserving space and freedom (calls at wrong time)
– Couldn\’t justify the time with friends and family (getting those hey-whats-up-i-m-bored calls) – Disrespecting yourself (relying on it more than ourselves)

5 months back, soon after my birthday, I had decieded and I have successfully reduced my cell phone usage to almost more than half. Back then, I used to be almost found holding that little piece of electronic stuck near my ears – talking. I have loads of pictures (accidentaly taken) which un-knowingly has that typical \”busy talking\” pose. I had subscribed to the cell service that gave me maximum free airtime minutes than competitors and I was still falling short. At the end of every month, I had to drag myself to control to not go beyond my financial limits, ofcourse, nights and weekends were always nice to cover up. But it became quite a routine and to be honest, I was annoyed then. Now I can very gladly say that I have been rehabilitated. My phone calls have reduced (and so my bills) ! I hardly use my allocated monthly minutes and unless important, I don\’t use it much in nights and weekends either. A success story ! Believe me its not difficult, if I can do it, you guys can surely do it with ease.

Better not rely on scientific research that denied cancer and tobacco relationship untill the tobacco lobby had pumped well into the system !

Visit Anthony\’s webportal for his updates and his fight against cancer:

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