India Poised ?




India: A country with rising economy, creating promised hopes, striving youth and triumph of trust
India: A country with lots of dismays and illusions, myths and manifestations struggles and giggles

Poised: marked by balance or equilibrium and readiness for action; in full control

I always believed, defining India is impossible. I love India for what it is rather than what it isn\’t. Times of India is on a new mission to market the Brand India. Motive is to energize and pump-up the resting youthful souls and vigorize the success movement. The whole aura of the campaign seems to be done with honesty and I feel it has charmed quite well. The campaign paves even a greater pace when an icon like Amitabh Bachchan comes right in front of you and talks directly into your heart with his sheer ravishing resonant voice. It just makes you feel – THATS IT! India is the world I have always been looking for. Even the world outside India now believes that the world inside India has unleashed its powers. \”India is poised\”


But somehow I feel cheated. Thanks to Times of India for making me hear what I always wanted to hear. Marketing strategies are no different, the product marketed here is now a COUNTRY. A part of me wanted to listen to more of it. Why not ? It had my favorite personalities of all time, Amitabh Bachchan, who was convincing me that Superpower India is REAL. The anthem talks about the existance of Bullish economy as well as the derogatorily stubborn cash flow. It conveys precisely that even though there are unsuccessfull attempts, victory seems to be just few miles away. While the other part of me is still skeptic and unconvinced, not being a pessimist; but it questions its credibility to lure truth. Do we really need this NOW ? Isn\’t it too early?

The Fast Facts:

It is the daring of India which had its economy growing at 9.2 percent as latest count. It is an India which has actually reduced the number of absolute poor — that is, living on less than a dollar a day — by 120 million in about a decade to around 260 million now. It is an India which, is believed likely to surpass the US economy in size in fifty years to become the world’s second largest economy after China

Concurrently, education is a key area where we are inadequate in performance, despite the full blown hype about the IITs and IIMs being among the world’s best. Not only is primary education in a major mess, our universities figure nowhere in the top league of the world’s institutions of higher learning. Our roads, ports and power systems have a long way to go before they are truly supportive of growth instead of being hindrances. And our public services, which need radical reform, continues to plunge down because no one in the educated middle and upper classes actually depend on them. The poor take the hit.

India may have the smartest Prime Minister and over qualified President to sustain the wisely engineered progress. But still the inflation has rose significantly to encourage domestic instability. Rising cases of debted farmers commiting suicide, earning teenagers disowning their parents; girls raped by police and citizens raped by deceitful media are yet not still under consideration. With the further welcoming of Giants like Reliance and Walmart into Indian retail market it can be expected to break the spines of millions of other small scale business owners. Any plans doctored for their stability so far ?

Words flowing from deep-rooted sesitivity of the poet, Masterly rendered by the born actor; in his deep, resonant voice is definitely creating the precise impact. But these sights dampen my spirit. We are proud of our achievements but are we doing enough as citizens to lessen this disparity?

India may be poised, but I want my India to be Independently Stabilized and not a divided India.



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