Destiny of Dreams



Desires, hopes, wishes, needs, dreams, searches, quests, curiosity and many more words make up synonymous meaning to life. They come in stages and leave a mark. Each mark creates another hope. They grow, they build and they refurbish, but still they do exist at different levels. They create a harmonic imbalance in your mind and lets you believe that there\’s something more to life than just being ME. Eventually, you lurk to get back to the balance.

After a very rough day and total exasperation, I managed to get to bed early. Pleasantly moving in deep sleep, I dreamt of what I always had dreamed of. I was standing desperately at the conveyer belt waiting to get my baggage. I couldnt wait a second more to get out of the airport and be with those whom I always wanted to be with. I knew, there were eyes, deperately watching and waiting outside to get the first glance at me. Finally, I walked out of the airport with my stero-typical huge smile and eyes curiously anticipating some familiar faces. And my journey began …

Moving through scorching heat, shady neighbourhoods and unconditioned roads .. I still felt I was back home – a place where I belong to. Nothing and noone had changed except for the obvious physical differences. But the better part to realize was, they found me no different than what I used to be. It made me believe that I had missed nothing in these years and everything was the same. The only thing that had possibly changed was my love and understanding towards them. I felt more connected than ever before. Probably the distance is what makes one closer.

29 days – thats about 700 hrs of powerfull life force. Each moment felt precious and worth the memory. I , for the first time, felt the need to create days with extended hours – 24 weren\’t enough. Each and every passing day the marginal satisfaction was surpassing huge waves.

I did everything – long drives and wrong drives. Eating and repeating.. dancing and glancing.. … morning nashta to late night pasta.. birthdays, parties, gathering, gaming, laughing, screaming, singing, nautanki, fighting, mocking, teasing, pranks ………….. Ahh !

Now and again, I stand at at the conveyer belt. Things were different now. My eyes repeatedly turned back to see if I could see the same curious eyes, even a glance. But theirs were now wet and so were mine !…. And a little part of my journey was going to end.

Living and believing has something in common or else I wouldnt have had done both. Gone days wont come back, but I know.. something that would for sure would be ME.. I WOULD BE BACK ! With this new thought and a smile on face, I jumped back in reality with the some spiced up excitement to life with new hopes to chase !

Thanks to everone who made my dream worth while. Probably they wont ever know what they meant to me.

Bless all

Shah / Nirav TM
© Copyrights 2007 Nirav Shah. Some rights Reserved !