And Saddam gets The Death Sentence



\”What ?? Really ? I dont believe it ! \” – These reactions might sound hillarious.

As if no one knew about the death sentence. Its funny coz the complete American media was jammed pack, creating an unnecessary anxiety among the viewers about the whole SAddam Trial\’s last verdict.

What do you expect after Saddam\’s Raging terror in court, Saddam and Party Quiting almost 50% of the court proceedings, changing 3 Judges, killing 7 plaintiff lawyers , a dozen witnesses who dramatically didnt show up to testify and the remaining few of the witnesses used curtains to give their testimony with voice re-modulation !

Wow what a novel court room it might be. The complete Saddam Trial sounded like reading a John Grisham\’s new reading.

Well but who cared if Saddam lived or died ? Does it really matters ? I won\’t be surprized if there is one more dramatic turn in the whole scene if Human Rights people might just show up to save Saddam.

Lets see Saddam\’s next move for his fight for life .

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