Fool’s Paradise # 2

Starting from where I left off from my previous thought flow on Fool’s Paradise,  I realized the superior functioning of brain, chemistry inside the body, and genius design. The organic body design is at such an extreme advancement that stretches far beyond human capability to completely understand the origin and purpose of creation. Every creation has a purpose, though some creations may be purely out of innovation, but those ones have shorter life span.  The Matrix rightly explains that programs (or species) that do not have a purpose, are terminated (hence Sati – who wrote ‘rainbow’ , was to be terminated). Similarly this philosophy goes hand in hand with the organisms and species we find around us. The ones that had a purpose, either in balancing the food chain or recycling earth had survived. This concept was presented in a slightly different way by claiming – Survival of the fittest. The ones that had a purpose were more fit and being fit, could reproduce and expand their genealogy (or source code). This survival technique seems to be true not only between the species  but within the species as well.

In world of Human species, the ones with active lifestyles, skills, and challenging risk takers have shown to have done exceptionally well over the others. Hence we see Billionaires, Managers, CEOs, sportsman, warriors, engineers, farmers, artists, religious leaders, politicians and many more. One thing in common among all of these personalities is that they tend to represent a class of species that happen to be more capable in putting their bodies (brain included) to a purpose than the rest of the similar species. But in true sense every species are being challenged by nature in every way and form. What is unique about these exemplars is that they were able to adapt to these challenges and survive them.  What is more interesting to think about is what made them different over the others. If all human beings were mere carbon copy (literally) then they all should be able to carry similar abilities. For any given situation, a sample human species should then respond exactly in same way. But that is far from fact. Every species has their own logic, method, experience and physic accompanied by emotions (or lack of one) that allows them to come up with their own version of survival skill set. These skill sets differences must be the factor that defines the odds or survival. Its known that these skills can be acquired or learned. If that is true than loosing the skill set should be also true, isnt it ?

Fools Paradise


How many mornings did I ever wake up without panic ? Its always a monster alarm clock that makes extremely unpleasant sound to wake me up. Everyday is the ultimate clash of the will power. Until I have will and alarm has power, we battle each other every morning. Finally, as always losing to alarm clock, I think – Why do we even sleep ? Is waking up to an alarm clock affecting my day’s performance ? Waking up earlier than my required sleep shouldnt be the right thing to do. So I started reading about – Sciene of sleep



The Sleep Science

The reason we all go to bed, sleep and wake up is like a clock work and mostly driven by your brain. It is like a super computer running all day long to gather all types of data through all its input sources. For human beings the data collection is quite extreme, it records audio, video, speech, language, date, time, temperature, emotions, colors, smell, food, and other million things to great details. Along with that the internal organ functions that happens internally such as your energy usage, immunity (ammo), blood pressure, heart condition, repair work, regeneration of cells, injuries and healing and all other inventory that it needs to maintain before it gets ready for next day.  After a day’s work and enough data collection, the brain needs that the body slows down and let it process all the data into useful memory (or knowledge).  To perform this critical activity, our brain prepares our body by sending signals through neurotransmitters in form of hormones (viz. serotonin and melatonin) that calms your body down, regulates body temperature, breathing pattern, heart rate etc. Once the body is asleep, brain works in phases and gets all the data sorted, simplified, synthesized, analyzed and stored into different compartments. If your sleep is disturbed abruptly anytime during this process, the brain fails to perform 100% data analysis. It’s like a librarian who arranges book into right shelves in right category is abruptly asked to stop or  is compelled to arrange the book wherever he can haphazardly and clean up the aisle.  This should be possible cause to recollection issues or retaining long-term memory


I believe that Dreams are special creation and its our brain child. To do its intended function flawlessly, brain tries to regulate every possible event that may ever interrupt while brain is processing data. One of that is our body’s restlessness or active or sleep debt. Compare it to a wild and active kid can be pacified if you divert his attention and turn on  TV to play his favorite cartoon. It is my philosophy that our brain, as it reads the fine prints of the data and processes, it understands the body and also plays wicked games at time to keep our body ‘busy sleeping’ by turning on its own home production dream sequence with its favorite characters and plots.  This is strictly my philosophy and I just developed it while I am at it.  More development is needed to strengthen this thought, probably I should  add sub-conscious mind and its functions to master this philosophy.

Waking Up:

To complete its intended function brain requires about 8+ hrs and the requirements vary from individual to individual. It is such an extremely technology that it adapts and sophisticated as it grows to make this process fast and efficient. When a kid is born, the brain is new and so is the body. For the minimum information that it collects it takes much longer for brain to process. It’s almost like a software developer learning how to write “Hello World” on computer 101 class takes almost 3-4 hrs but when the programmer learns the fundamentals, he can write codes and fully functional application in hours. Similarly a baby brain takes almost 14 hrs sleep to process the information and later as it grows and matures, the sleeping time requirement reduces for an adult to almost 6-8 hrs in most cases. Brain divides its functions into conscious and sub conscious minds and this ‘quad core 2 duo processor’ is ready to process much more complex data in much less time. Once the brain is done processing and organizing data the process of waking up starts. The brain turns on the temperature sensors, humidity sensors, audio sensors, etc. When the light is introduced, the Pineal glands located at the center of the brain between two hemispheres is activated and it stops secretion of Melatonin (sleep inducing hormone) . And gradually we wake up from sleep.

Where am I going with all this? Today, I am overwhelmed by such precise and extremely powerful capabilities of my body.  Who ever wrote the genetic code has to be extremely genius. May be in the evolutionary state Human 6.0 (ref: Matrix) has still more upgrades to go with. I would be writing more in next few days on some of my thoughts on how we as human beings have been impaired and are ignorant about our human capabilities. The title Fool’s Paradise will be justified then.

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Pun Elevated !


The best part of my job is using the elevator – a machine with great gravity. Mostly its funny but sometimes goes beyond . Here are few best ramified generic scenes I mostly run into.

Scene#1: Me and MY Boss

-door closes-
Boss: Hey.. how are you ?
Me: Good morning..! m fine, thank you.. how are you?
Boss: M good.. did you see the weather ? Its getting cold out isnt it ?
Me: Yeahh thats little bit too much for me i guess. I just wish to be somewhere in south ha ha .. !
Boss: ha ha.. i wish it too, but thats michigan !
-door opens-
Me to myself: (Thank god)

This scene happens almost everytime I meet him. Among very few things common between me and my Boss is Michigan Weather, Hectic Days and Weekend plans and apparently these are the only 3 things we talked since last 2 yrs !! Infact I can just close my eyes and and pop in my headphone and still go through the complete conversation. Its that monotonous.

Scene#2: ME and Afro-American

I get in
-door closes-
Afro: Hey waddup buddy. ?
Me: Aa… um Nothing much.. how about you ? (Phew..)
Afro: m just %^&#$%&# .. don kno no wha to tel (^&^*%*# itS bee layk aa#$%^tas d\’in gonna #$#^&*&^%$!,,,, HA HA HA .. !
Me: (I didnt get anything out of that conversation but still) HA HA HA
-door opens-
Me: (suffocated and thanking god)
Afro: Hav a goo\’van mei !
Me: (after like 30 secs).. You too ! () [wiping off the sweat and start walking away]

The moment I see him coming in MY ELEVATOR (somehow I just owned one), I start praying – plz for God sake close this damn door. Not that I discriminate or hate them neither am I scared. But its just that I dont get what they are saying. I am sure they speak some kind of english … but I feel like a stupid, idiot staring like a dumb-deaf and mentally challenged kid – trying to figure out from lip movements – catching few words here and there, trying to re-construct/ re-arrange them in my own sentence and understand whatever that line meant and think 100 times before answering back ! (thats a bit too much of mind storming exercise as a morning start) I certainly dont want to mess with them.

Scene#3: Me and some UNFAMILIAR DESI

I get in
Another DESI gets in..

– door closes-

I smile at him, and he manages to smile back to me somehow with great efforts and now he tries to show that he is real busy/important coz\’ his $5 made-in-china cellphone just intecepted an intergalactic signal. Now an extremely uncomfortable situation, where both parties are desperately trying to avoid eye-contact and are uneasily waiting for the tension-filled ride to end. By the time the ride ends, I would have managed to memorize the safety instructions on the side of the lift, while other DESI would have managed to type out an very important imaginary SMS (or SOS) to a supernatural friend living somewhere on the Planet Zoltan some few lightyears away to save the Earth.

-door opens –

M on my way and he is on his.

I don���t know why we do this, but the fact remains that we do. If you meet a non-Indian in the elevator, you would smile and say hello, but if you meet a fellow Indian, some would pretend as if the other person does not exist. It actually takes 2 months of bumping into each other casually, before ignorance led to eye contact, eye contact led to smiles, smiles led to raised eyebrows, raised eyebrows led to short ���hey���s, ���hey���s led to more pleasant hellos, and hellos finally led to a conversation. Why ? You are like miles and months away from your land and still this attitude ? Things need to be changed desperately ..

Scene#4 : What do you get when you put 2 Gujjus/Teluguites/Punjabi/Hindi/…. together?

Ha ha.. I just wish !


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Helping disabled ?

Yesteday, I was running on the corridor of my department trying to chase time. I saw a girl trying to seep at the water fountain that was right next to the exit door. As I tried to open the exit door, to leave the department building, I heard a female voice, “excuse me…..” . My first thought was “not now…. please !”

I turned around and holding the door half open, just to see if that call was for me. It was that girl who was drinking water at the fountain.  

I stopped and asked…. “Yes, …. ? ”

The girl was blonde, short and wearing glasses, dressed in pink skirt and a t-shirt. I could see some water spilled over her t-shirt and was wet. 

She asked me  “Can you tell me where the ladies room is ?”

I said “Its right across the hall way at the end of the corridor” !!

She starred at me for a sec, as if waiting for me to describe in more specifics. I couldn’t noticce her expressions/reaction to my short-reply coz she was wearing dark glasses and I couldn’t see her expressions. Next moment,  I saw her taking out and unfolding a white stick and she  started hitting it to the floor. She was navigating herself. I soon realized……..”Geezzz….. she is blind…… !!!  ” .

She stopped and asked me ” This way ?”

… and I ran into the guilt feeling of not being too helpful in my first opportunity and wanned to help her so I said “Lemme show you the way…”

She said “No its fine, thank you” !!  I guess my generous offer had offended her ? Or did she read my guilt through my voice tone  ?

I wanted to help her but somehowI felt myself to be dumb enough to help her. I knew where the ladies room was but I never knew how to tell a blind person about it ! Do I have to say …” 53 steps straight and it woud be on your right” ???  Or how else do I have to say something that doesnt offend them ??

I felt soo bad about it I figured out that its not we, but its them who are gifted ones.

But do we really know how to help ? May be no….. !

Shah | Nirav