India Nostalgia



He reached his office in 10 minutes. Five minutes before the clock struck 8. He had defeated time once more. A familiar world of computer screens, guzzling printers and alert eyes watching the screens greeted him. He sat down at his desk, sliped for a cup of coffee and began burning his eyes staring hard at the monitor. He alternated between the file on his table and that on his laptop. He looked at the phone with lights blinking alert for voicemails on display. He scribbles few notes and manipulated a third time his \”to-do\” priority list. He minimized the windows on his laptop screen and stared at the desktop. The wallpaper was a collage of him and his family and friends. He remembers about the good time he had at his native for the vacation few months back.

He quckily realized the load of work he has to finish before he could rest. But soon, there rings an alarm from a stomach that is too hungry, a mind that is tired and a conscience that is slightly weak . Sleep, the angel with a lullaby on her lips visited and broke the clockwork. She asked him to dream. He obeyed and stood at Yogeshwar (kiosk) enjoying his 2 katting chai with bun butter and hurried to Adhsath Panchoter (6875 – Rikshaw) and reached the railway station. He hurries towards the platform but takes a sudden halt, his face looked tensed and he starts checking all his pockets. He started running in opposite direction and stops at Mastana for his double_sev_marke Dabeli. With a smile of satisfaction, he stands at the platform waiting for his Queen (Train). Like a ray of hope, he sees a glowing light at a far distance marching towards him with proud aggression. His desperation to meet faces wearing laughters and glittering gestures was prominently seen in his restlessly tapping legs. There were more running legs and chaotic spread of emotions. As Queen passed by, a strong gush of air and dust came along with it. He could barely keep his eyes open. He struggled and tried harder and finally he succedded but now he sensed a strange calmness,… it was the same world of paper, pen and computers. Yeah… the angel …she had quietly slipped away.

The creature in his soul frowned again. And he realizes.. he is again missing his part of the world.. where he belongs.

Well this story would not be different to most of us. I wonder how stupid we were at INDSA (Indian Student Association) when we created a tag-line for our banner – Creating Home Away from Home ! Did we succeed ? YAH RIGHT !… in my dreams may be !

But however may my world differ from yours, with all the inflated egos digging my gravity – it will still be mine.. forever !

(On a bright news flash – Supreme Court: Reservations can not be permanent)


H A P P Y I N D E P E N D E N C E  D A Y !!!


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Destiny of Dreams



Desires, hopes, wishes, needs, dreams, searches, quests, curiosity and many more words make up synonymous meaning to life. They come in stages and leave a mark. Each mark creates another hope. They grow, they build and they refurbish, but still they do exist at different levels. They create a harmonic imbalance in your mind and lets you believe that there\’s something more to life than just being ME. Eventually, you lurk to get back to the balance.

After a very rough day and total exasperation, I managed to get to bed early. Pleasantly moving in deep sleep, I dreamt of what I always had dreamed of. I was standing desperately at the conveyer belt waiting to get my baggage. I couldnt wait a second more to get out of the airport and be with those whom I always wanted to be with. I knew, there were eyes, deperately watching and waiting outside to get the first glance at me. Finally, I walked out of the airport with my stero-typical huge smile and eyes curiously anticipating some familiar faces. And my journey began …

Moving through scorching heat, shady neighbourhoods and unconditioned roads .. I still felt I was back home – a place where I belong to. Nothing and noone had changed except for the obvious physical differences. But the better part to realize was, they found me no different than what I used to be. It made me believe that I had missed nothing in these years and everything was the same. The only thing that had possibly changed was my love and understanding towards them. I felt more connected than ever before. Probably the distance is what makes one closer.

29 days – thats about 700 hrs of powerfull life force. Each moment felt precious and worth the memory. I , for the first time, felt the need to create days with extended hours – 24 weren\’t enough. Each and every passing day the marginal satisfaction was surpassing huge waves.

I did everything – long drives and wrong drives. Eating and repeating.. dancing and glancing.. … morning nashta to late night pasta.. birthdays, parties, gathering, gaming, laughing, screaming, singing, nautanki, fighting, mocking, teasing, pranks ………….. Ahh !

Now and again, I stand at at the conveyer belt. Things were different now. My eyes repeatedly turned back to see if I could see the same curious eyes, even a glance. But theirs were now wet and so were mine !…. And a little part of my journey was going to end.

Living and believing has something in common or else I wouldnt have had done both. Gone days wont come back, but I know.. something that would for sure would be ME.. I WOULD BE BACK ! With this new thought and a smile on face, I jumped back in reality with the some spiced up excitement to life with new hopes to chase !

Thanks to everone who made my dream worth while. Probably they wont ever know what they meant to me.

Bless all

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India Poised ?




India: A country with rising economy, creating promised hopes, striving youth and triumph of trust
India: A country with lots of dismays and illusions, myths and manifestations struggles and giggles

Poised: marked by balance or equilibrium and readiness for action; in full control

I always believed, defining India is impossible. I love India for what it is rather than what it isn\’t. Times of India is on a new mission to market the Brand India. Motive is to energize and pump-up the resting youthful souls and vigorize the success movement. The whole aura of the campaign seems to be done with honesty and I feel it has charmed quite well. The campaign paves even a greater pace when an icon like Amitabh Bachchan comes right in front of you and talks directly into your heart with his sheer ravishing resonant voice. It just makes you feel – THATS IT! India is the world I have always been looking for. Even the world outside India now believes that the world inside India has unleashed its powers. \”India is poised\”


But somehow I feel cheated. Thanks to Times of India for making me hear what I always wanted to hear. Marketing strategies are no different, the product marketed here is now a COUNTRY. A part of me wanted to listen to more of it. Why not ? It had my favorite personalities of all time, Amitabh Bachchan, who was convincing me that Superpower India is REAL. The anthem talks about the existance of Bullish economy as well as the derogatorily stubborn cash flow. It conveys precisely that even though there are unsuccessfull attempts, victory seems to be just few miles away. While the other part of me is still skeptic and unconvinced, not being a pessimist; but it questions its credibility to lure truth. Do we really need this NOW ? Isn\’t it too early?

The Fast Facts:

It is the daring of India which had its economy growing at 9.2 percent as latest count. It is an India which has actually reduced the number of absolute poor — that is, living on less than a dollar a day — by 120 million in about a decade to around 260 million now. It is an India which, is believed likely to surpass the US economy in size in fifty years to become the world’s second largest economy after China

Concurrently, education is a key area where we are inadequate in performance, despite the full blown hype about the IITs and IIMs being among the world’s best. Not only is primary education in a major mess, our universities figure nowhere in the top league of the world’s institutions of higher learning. Our roads, ports and power systems have a long way to go before they are truly supportive of growth instead of being hindrances. And our public services, which need radical reform, continues to plunge down because no one in the educated middle and upper classes actually depend on them. The poor take the hit.

India may have the smartest Prime Minister and over qualified President to sustain the wisely engineered progress. But still the inflation has rose significantly to encourage domestic instability. Rising cases of debted farmers commiting suicide, earning teenagers disowning their parents; girls raped by police and citizens raped by deceitful media are yet not still under consideration. With the further welcoming of Giants like Reliance and Walmart into Indian retail market it can be expected to break the spines of millions of other small scale business owners. Any plans doctored for their stability so far ?

Words flowing from deep-rooted sesitivity of the poet, Masterly rendered by the born actor; in his deep, resonant voice is definitely creating the precise impact. But these sights dampen my spirit. We are proud of our achievements but are we doing enough as citizens to lessen this disparity?

India may be poised, but I want my India to be Independently Stabilized and not a divided India.



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Reversed Illusion


The world seems too big for the little piece we craved for. Felt good when I found that I was just a \”yellow line\” away from my HOME !

Finally found my house on the so called big world. Indeed, Thomas Friedman wasn\’t drunk when he wrote \”The world is Flat\”.

Your next  hour will be gone here –> check it out if your home is listed, if not add it !

And now plz pray for all those millions of innocent Turkeys  slaughtered  mercilessly.
Read: Turkeys want to enjoy Thankgivings too !! 

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What is India ? Quest series # 4



There are so many sides to India, so many ways to look at it. You could say it\’s just an idea, a whole bunch of things you relate with it and that you can relate to. It\’s also a political entity, an economy, a culture- a mixture of cultures, a group of people- over a billion of them.

India, as an idea- a dream, is perfect. There\’s a unique India for everyone. The way I look at it, as an Indian, is to try and integrate India with all its physical reality with  India that lies in that idea of perfection. Perfection is limitless. At no point can it be touched. We can only get close to it. But how does that happen?

They say that India is becoming unlivable. That there is this system that cannot be changed. So what if the economy is growing and people are getting richer (in theory, at least)? It\’s true to an extent. Having lived outside India for about 2 years, and following the news and everything, I kind of felt like India was changing for the better. People would want to go back now- jobs are being created and wages are increasing. India, the economy, is looking good. But is that all there is to a country, an ECONOMY ???  Change happens. To me, this whole \”booming economy\” thing is more by coincidence than by design.

Living in India is completely different. The \”system\” still exists. If something illegal is happening around you, they say you should ignore it. Does it go away if you pretend it doesn\’t exist? Does it not happen again if you ignore it once? Our \”let it go\” attitude is responsible for this whole system, where bribes are almost impossible to do without and where the concept of punishment exists only to be applied on those who cannot afford to buy their way out.

We blame the system. We blame our politicians. We blame low salaries for government employees. We blame corruption. That\’s it. We can just sit back and watch the fun, and let the \”system\” take care of everyth ing. It can\’t be changed after all.

Change happens. To MAKE it happen, you need power. You can\’t drive a car from 10 feet away (unless it\’s remote-controlled). You either need to be at the wheel yourself, or you need to put someone there AND control him/her. There\’s no other way. We need laws that work. But most importantly, we need to be able to implement those laws as uniformly as possible. And that\’s the hard part.

H A P P Y   I N D E P E N D E N C E   D A Y !!!

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What is INDIA ? Quest series # 3


There are a lot of people who really love India. I guess I am one of them. Some people call them fanatics and jingoists. After all, they say, \”We are citizens of the world and we belong to one race- the human race. Patriotism is just another form of selfishness and another source of division and discrimination.\” I agree. I am patriotic, and I love India more than any other country. A disaster in India means a lot more to me than a disaster in any other country. I am selfish, yes. But, what can they accuse me of? If they can accuse someone of being over-patriotic, they might as well accuse him of \”over-loving\” his mother.

If there was a fire in our area, I would save my house, my family first. Yes, I am selfish. I can claim to love the entire human race, and I can also say that love can never be compared, but all I know is, I feel a lot more for those I know. I love the people I can relate to a lot more than those I don\’t even know. I call it natural human behavior. According to me, it is extremely hard to be unselfish. The only way to reach that state of unselfishness is through losing (or letting go of) your \”self\”. I don\’t know if that\’s possible.

To me, India is just an extension of my family, and that\’s how it should be. I think that\’s how the world works. It is an organization of caring – with individuals caring about themselves at the grassroots. At the highest level, we have an individual caring about the entire universe. Most of our efforts go into caring about our own lives. I don\’t know if I\’m making sense. It\’s hard to confine thoughts to words without sacrificing their purity.

Some people say that patriotism is not justified. They say that countries are just pieces of land- geographical entities with political boundaries. I guess, to them, human beings are nothing more but orderly arrangements of chemical structures, and emotions are nothing but the physiological reactions resulting from the secretion of some hormones ?!? And the national flag is just a piece of cloth. I wonder why some people give up their lives to defend the honor of a piece of land- to make sure that the \”piece of cloth\” they love so much never has to bow in disgrace. Well, people are different…

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What is INDIA ? Quest series # 2



I don\’t think it\’s humanly possible to describe India in words. To me, India is not a piece of land with over a billion humans and countless other life forms. India has to be felt. It is an idea, an emotion. Trying to define India is like trying to define existence of God. We know we can\’t define THE. If we could, we would end up being the all-knowing power that God is. Our imagination is finite. India isn\’t. So, trying to define India is futile.

That brings us back to the same question. What is India? I think it\’s one of those questions that don\’t have answers. But, there must be something that comes close to the definition of India or Indianism. I don\’t know. I do think that Indianism has got nothing to do with knowing the Indian national anthem or having an Indian passport.

I\’m trying to think of India and I can see these images passing by by eyes swiftly and smoothly .. all are random and I have definitely no control over them. I can see them, but I can\’t describe them. I can feel them, but I can\’t draw them. They aren\’t good or bad images, they\’re just images of what I might be thinking India is. I don\’t know where to start. I can see my home, my family, my friends. But, is that really all that India is to me? A place to call home? I don\’t know. Is India just these collection of random pics, voices, emotions, expressions, and memories of my family, friends and neighbourhood ? Try it yourself, what do you see when you think of India ? Is it just some memories of fun, laughter, disasters, stories and fictions ?

I wonder what it would be like if I didn\’t have an Indian passport- a proof of my citizenship (Indian-ness?). I see people in India whose only aim in life is to leave India and move to a more \”lucrative\” environment, dont blame them but I also do see people who\’ve left India and whose only aim in life is to go back to India to be with their family, their friends, their people- to be home. Why? What is so much that India has to offers that tends to drag us back home ? What on earth is special about that \”peace\” of land that makes us crave and reminds us every day we look our faces in mirror ? Quest is still on. I am here just to go further with trying to define INDIA.. and my search is still on, and will go on.

But I, my soul, gets assured that India is a lot more than just THAT. I take my India with me wherever I go. My India lies in my thoughts, and that\’s where home is…at least for me.

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What is INDIA ?



Patriotism had never been defined clearly in any of the dictionaries, atleast none that I am satisfied with. I don\’t know if anywhere the 10 lettered word  has been clearly explained in any encyclopedia or wikipedias, atleast none that has quenched my thoughts.  Probably because it can\’t be defined. And probably is thats the reason one remains patriotic,  just to fulfill the unsolved quest ?

 I\’ve always wondered what it means to be Indian. Am I really Indian? Does holding an Indian passport make me Indian? Is there a difference between being a citizen of India and being an Indian? These are questions that I have asked myself and I\’ve tried coming up with answers but each new series of thoughts have made me scrap my preceeding ones. With that note, why not try blogging them up just to check the complete variation in my thought process. Ofcourse its quite difficult to log every thougt and ideas effectively but who-cares ?  I\’ll be posting some random ideas on this page. I don\’t expect you to agree with everything I say, but I do expect you to respect my opinion, because the least we can do is respect the opinions of other people. You might think I\’m a fanatic, but that\’s alright. It doesn\’t really matter what other people think of me as long as I\’m sure that I\’m sure.

Well thats it for now !

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Youth for Equality: Videos and Updates



Reservation is eating up the great minds of India, It may have been good 45 years back but it\’s nothing but the dirty politics now, inviting brain drain and worsening unemployment.

There has been protests shown almost in every part of India, some gone wild while some left un-heard. But the best part of the whole situation is, the YOUTH has turned into a MASS !

Check out the videos(though old, but worth it for those who haven\’t see them)


1.  Quota Protest and the Police atrocities on the Peaceful medicos

Video: CNN-ibn  (Direct Link : download)

Read: Quota Protest spills to the streets (Source: CNN-ibn)

2.  Protest March in Patna by Medical students were beaten Brutally by Cops

Video: CNN-ibn  (Direct Link : download)

Read: Cops thrash quota supporters  (Source: CNN-ibn)

3.  Furios stages of Anti-Reservation Protest : Clash between the divided YOU-TH

Video: CNN-ibn  (Direct Link : download)

Read: Pro, anti-reservation clash in JNU   (Source: CNN-ibn)



This is something that everyone should see. HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh has no clue if the 49.5% reservation will work or not. He has no clue what are the present statistical data of the reservation. He has no clue what would be the repercussions. He has no clue or action plan for implementation.  He has no clue how to tackle the sensitivity of the issue.

His most intelligent answer to almost all the questions was – \”I DON\’T KNOW\”


Exclusive: Arjun Singh interview: Part I 

Read: Transcript of the Debate  

Video: Watch PART 1  (download link)

Exclusive: Arjun Singh interview: Part II 

Read: Transcript of the Debate  

Video: Watch PART 2  (download link)


HOW DUMB A PERSON CAN BE ! Sigh ! Brilliant people have their faith/fate in such insecured hands !



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OBC Reservation: Knowledge is Powerless !



Just imagine this scenario:
Year 2020.

Dad: Show me your report card son.
Son: (with smiling face): Here it is daddy.
Dad: (frowned): WHATT ???? (yells and calls for the kid’s mom)
What happened? Why are you yelling ?

(Dad passing on the report card to Mom, with a sight of disgrace on his face.)

Mom: Hey Bhagwaan (Oh God)! How did this happen? What will we do now ? (she is in shock !)
Son: Mommy ? Pappa ? What happened ? (lil kid with all the curiosity and surprised to core)
Dad: Who told you to get 98% and top the class ? (looks angry)
Mom: Honey, its ok, cool down ! I would call our TV cable guy and get some movie and cartoon network channels so that he can spend time on TV. How about buying him X-box and lots of games? He wont study and hopefully if God and luck is with us, he wont get high on merit in future.
Dad: Its so depressing you know r8? Remember when I got 98% in JEE, and still couldn’t get into IIT, I was so much depressed. I wished my DAD was OBC!

(Screen play: Myself)

This scenario is not so far from reality. Though seems little bit exaggerated, but hold on, is 49.5% reservation for OBC also not too much ?

Such cheap political strategies are so familiar, I am not shocked. But what concerns me the most and may be its more like a nightmare feel to me is that what about FUTURE ? My future, your future and the future generations to come! With India going-to-be a global power within the next few decades (that I strongly believe) we desperately need talented brains that can present a secured future to India as visioners. By further extending quota system into higher educational system we are restricting not only bright talent but also the growth of the country as whole. Not surprising then, do we see Indians leaving the country and becoming successful elsewhere in the world.

India has globally created an image as worlds most successful democratic and free nation. Democracy by all means sounds a perfect synonym for equality. Then why reservations and divide the youth? Reservation is the worst thing a country can do. India and China (our direct competitor I believe, and a threat) produces 6 times more engineers and scientist. Unlike India, majority of leaders in China and Japan are engineers or atleast well educated people, and not bunch of illiterates (Lalu) or bandits (Phoolandevi). Giving seats to SC is the worst things India can do. It is already so high. 22.5% is really high. Making it 49.5% means students with the best grades won\’t be able to get in IIT, IIM, AIIMS (the core to Indian knowledge hub ), etc. We can understand 5% reservations, but 49.5%? Intolerable !!! India is doing great, second to China in growth but this move will put India almost at the bottom in next 10 to 15 years.

Barkha Dutt (From NDTV): Reservations have become a joke. We all know the statistics. More than 80 per cent of Dalit students never make it past Class X; more than 80 per cent of the reserved seats in vocational institutes remain unused; and in engineering colleges it\’s even worse — more than 90 per cent of seats in the reserved category just lie empty. (Source: NDTV news )

I don’t have any grudge or hatred towards the OBC’s, but the government’s decision has given a spike�to discrimination. As a citizen of India everyone has equal rights to dream. Reservation in education is just killing those dreams of millions aspiring.

Any idea why not 49.5% reservation in our Defense?

I have full hopes, faith, sympathy and prayers for the protesters. May God give them all the strengths to fight strong and smart. Amen !
(Presentation: Messages + Pictures of Police brutally beating up the peaceful protestors)

Read and be informed/inspired:

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