Fools Paradise


How many mornings did I ever wake up without panic ? Its always a monster alarm clock that makes extremely unpleasant sound to wake me up. Everyday is the ultimate clash of the will power. Until I have will and alarm has power, we battle each other every morning. Finally, as always losing to alarm clock, I think – Why do we even sleep ? Is waking up to an alarm clock affecting my day’s performance ? Waking up earlier than my required sleep shouldnt be the right thing to do. So I started reading about – Sciene of sleep



The Sleep Science

The reason we all go to bed, sleep and wake up is like a clock work and mostly driven by your brain. It is like a super computer running all day long to gather all types of data through all its input sources. For human beings the data collection is quite extreme, it records audio, video, speech, language, date, time, temperature, emotions, colors, smell, food, and other million things to great details. Along with that the internal organ functions that happens internally such as your energy usage, immunity (ammo), blood pressure, heart condition, repair work, regeneration of cells, injuries and healing and all other inventory that it needs to maintain before it gets ready for next day.  After a day’s work and enough data collection, the brain needs that the body slows down and let it process all the data into useful memory (or knowledge).  To perform this critical activity, our brain prepares our body by sending signals through neurotransmitters in form of hormones (viz. serotonin and melatonin) that calms your body down, regulates body temperature, breathing pattern, heart rate etc. Once the body is asleep, brain works in phases and gets all the data sorted, simplified, synthesized, analyzed and stored into different compartments. If your sleep is disturbed abruptly anytime during this process, the brain fails to perform 100% data analysis. It’s like a librarian who arranges book into right shelves in right category is abruptly asked to stop or  is compelled to arrange the book wherever he can haphazardly and clean up the aisle.  This should be possible cause to recollection issues or retaining long-term memory


I believe that Dreams are special creation and its our brain child. To do its intended function flawlessly, brain tries to regulate every possible event that may ever interrupt while brain is processing data. One of that is our body’s restlessness or active or sleep debt. Compare it to a wild and active kid can be pacified if you divert his attention and turn on  TV to play his favorite cartoon. It is my philosophy that our brain, as it reads the fine prints of the data and processes, it understands the body and also plays wicked games at time to keep our body ‘busy sleeping’ by turning on its own home production dream sequence with its favorite characters and plots.  This is strictly my philosophy and I just developed it while I am at it.  More development is needed to strengthen this thought, probably I should  add sub-conscious mind and its functions to master this philosophy.

Waking Up:

To complete its intended function brain requires about 8+ hrs and the requirements vary from individual to individual. It is such an extremely technology that it adapts and sophisticated as it grows to make this process fast and efficient. When a kid is born, the brain is new and so is the body. For the minimum information that it collects it takes much longer for brain to process. It’s almost like a software developer learning how to write “Hello World” on computer 101 class takes almost 3-4 hrs but when the programmer learns the fundamentals, he can write codes and fully functional application in hours. Similarly a baby brain takes almost 14 hrs sleep to process the information and later as it grows and matures, the sleeping time requirement reduces for an adult to almost 6-8 hrs in most cases. Brain divides its functions into conscious and sub conscious minds and this ‘quad core 2 duo processor’ is ready to process much more complex data in much less time. Once the brain is done processing and organizing data the process of waking up starts. The brain turns on the temperature sensors, humidity sensors, audio sensors, etc. When the light is introduced, the Pineal glands located at the center of the brain between two hemispheres is activated and it stops secretion of Melatonin (sleep inducing hormone) . And gradually we wake up from sleep.

Where am I going with all this? Today, I am overwhelmed by such precise and extremely powerful capabilities of my body.  Who ever wrote the genetic code has to be extremely genius. May be in the evolutionary state Human 6.0 (ref: Matrix) has still more upgrades to go with. I would be writing more in next few days on some of my thoughts on how we as human beings have been impaired and are ignorant about our human capabilities. The title Fool’s Paradise will be justified then.

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India Nostalgia



He reached his office in 10 minutes. Five minutes before the clock struck 8. He had defeated time once more. A familiar world of computer screens, guzzling printers and alert eyes watching the screens greeted him. He sat down at his desk, sliped for a cup of coffee and began burning his eyes staring hard at the monitor. He alternated between the file on his table and that on his laptop. He looked at the phone with lights blinking alert for voicemails on display. He scribbles few notes and manipulated a third time his \”to-do\” priority list. He minimized the windows on his laptop screen and stared at the desktop. The wallpaper was a collage of him and his family and friends. He remembers about the good time he had at his native for the vacation few months back.

He quckily realized the load of work he has to finish before he could rest. But soon, there rings an alarm from a stomach that is too hungry, a mind that is tired and a conscience that is slightly weak . Sleep, the angel with a lullaby on her lips visited and broke the clockwork. She asked him to dream. He obeyed and stood at Yogeshwar (kiosk) enjoying his 2 katting chai with bun butter and hurried to Adhsath Panchoter (6875 – Rikshaw) and reached the railway station. He hurries towards the platform but takes a sudden halt, his face looked tensed and he starts checking all his pockets. He started running in opposite direction and stops at Mastana for his double_sev_marke Dabeli. With a smile of satisfaction, he stands at the platform waiting for his Queen (Train). Like a ray of hope, he sees a glowing light at a far distance marching towards him with proud aggression. His desperation to meet faces wearing laughters and glittering gestures was prominently seen in his restlessly tapping legs. There were more running legs and chaotic spread of emotions. As Queen passed by, a strong gush of air and dust came along with it. He could barely keep his eyes open. He struggled and tried harder and finally he succedded but now he sensed a strange calmness,… it was the same world of paper, pen and computers. Yeah… the angel …she had quietly slipped away.

The creature in his soul frowned again. And he realizes.. he is again missing his part of the world.. where he belongs.

Well this story would not be different to most of us. I wonder how stupid we were at INDSA (Indian Student Association) when we created a tag-line for our banner – Creating Home Away from Home ! Did we succeed ? YAH RIGHT !… in my dreams may be !

But however may my world differ from yours, with all the inflated egos digging my gravity – it will still be mine.. forever !

(On a bright news flash – Supreme Court: Reservations can not be permanent)


H A P P Y I N D E P E N D E N C E  D A Y !!!


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Destiny of Dreams



Desires, hopes, wishes, needs, dreams, searches, quests, curiosity and many more words make up synonymous meaning to life. They come in stages and leave a mark. Each mark creates another hope. They grow, they build and they refurbish, but still they do exist at different levels. They create a harmonic imbalance in your mind and lets you believe that there\’s something more to life than just being ME. Eventually, you lurk to get back to the balance.

After a very rough day and total exasperation, I managed to get to bed early. Pleasantly moving in deep sleep, I dreamt of what I always had dreamed of. I was standing desperately at the conveyer belt waiting to get my baggage. I couldnt wait a second more to get out of the airport and be with those whom I always wanted to be with. I knew, there were eyes, deperately watching and waiting outside to get the first glance at me. Finally, I walked out of the airport with my stero-typical huge smile and eyes curiously anticipating some familiar faces. And my journey began …

Moving through scorching heat, shady neighbourhoods and unconditioned roads .. I still felt I was back home – a place where I belong to. Nothing and noone had changed except for the obvious physical differences. But the better part to realize was, they found me no different than what I used to be. It made me believe that I had missed nothing in these years and everything was the same. The only thing that had possibly changed was my love and understanding towards them. I felt more connected than ever before. Probably the distance is what makes one closer.

29 days – thats about 700 hrs of powerfull life force. Each moment felt precious and worth the memory. I , for the first time, felt the need to create days with extended hours – 24 weren\’t enough. Each and every passing day the marginal satisfaction was surpassing huge waves.

I did everything – long drives and wrong drives. Eating and repeating.. dancing and glancing.. … morning nashta to late night pasta.. birthdays, parties, gathering, gaming, laughing, screaming, singing, nautanki, fighting, mocking, teasing, pranks ………….. Ahh !

Now and again, I stand at at the conveyer belt. Things were different now. My eyes repeatedly turned back to see if I could see the same curious eyes, even a glance. But theirs were now wet and so were mine !…. And a little part of my journey was going to end.

Living and believing has something in common or else I wouldnt have had done both. Gone days wont come back, but I know.. something that would for sure would be ME.. I WOULD BE BACK ! With this new thought and a smile on face, I jumped back in reality with the some spiced up excitement to life with new hopes to chase !

Thanks to everone who made my dream worth while. Probably they wont ever know what they meant to me.

Bless all

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Nearer, my God, to Thee !



Finally my most respected icon of life now rests in peace. His teachings are still valuable and he has now surely turned immortal with his set of knowledge and values�he passed on .

નમો અરિહંતાણં

Nearer, my God, to Thee !

Helping disabled ?

Yesteday, I was running on the corridor of my department trying to chase time. I saw a girl trying to seep at the water fountain that was right next to the exit door. As I tried to open the exit door, to leave the department building, I heard a female voice, “excuse me…..” . My first thought was “not now…. please !”

I turned around and holding the door half open, just to see if that call was for me. It was that girl who was drinking water at the fountain.  

I stopped and asked…. “Yes, …. ? ”

The girl was blonde, short and wearing glasses, dressed in pink skirt and a t-shirt. I could see some water spilled over her t-shirt and was wet. 

She asked me  “Can you tell me where the ladies room is ?”

I said “Its right across the hall way at the end of the corridor” !!

She starred at me for a sec, as if waiting for me to describe in more specifics. I couldn’t noticce her expressions/reaction to my short-reply coz she was wearing dark glasses and I couldn’t see her expressions. Next moment,  I saw her taking out and unfolding a white stick and she  started hitting it to the floor. She was navigating herself. I soon realized……..”Geezzz….. she is blind…… !!!  ” .

She stopped and asked me ” This way ?”

… and I ran into the guilt feeling of not being too helpful in my first opportunity and wanned to help her so I said “Lemme show you the way…”

She said “No its fine, thank you” !!  I guess my generous offer had offended her ? Or did she read my guilt through my voice tone  ?

I wanted to help her but somehowI felt myself to be dumb enough to help her. I knew where the ladies room was but I never knew how to tell a blind person about it ! Do I have to say …” 53 steps straight and it woud be on your right” ???  Or how else do I have to say something that doesnt offend them ??

I felt soo bad about it I figured out that its not we, but its them who are gifted ones.

But do we really know how to help ? May be no….. !

Shah | Nirav