Satire: SO-WHAT , if 2006 was bad ?



Saddam, once a King of a regim is no longer alive. People say he is dead, I say he is alive more than ever he lived. Most of them would reticent about the whole issue but who really wants to talk about it anyways? A person lives and dies, who cares? Its better to be impassive about certain things rather than debating the derogated news lines. On a fresher side, death to Saddam probably gave lots of challenged minds a new direction. So-What, if some think its end of terrorism (gimme a break) while few have forgotten Laden (or his terror). I would say thats a good start for 2007.

For India its again a time to celebrate. Well our 4 PSLV\’s just worked out fine ! Thats a manifestation of triumph ! So-What, if our N-deal would not be of our best interest, out scientists are doing good and are motivated anyhow isnt it ?

Iran and N.Korea have declared themselves as Nuclear states (unofficially). Wow ! Thats what I call is balance of powers. One nation can not have all the powers and force other countries to be deprived of it ! So-What, if the nuclear technology was strategically \”foreign\” funded. It was bound to happen and I am glad it happened now. If it were have happened before or after than now, I believe, would still be the same – glad !

Gujarat\’s growth rate is now 10.2% ! Its emerging as India\’s most productive (or vibrant) state. Now thats unfair ! Oh com\’on… no foreign investors or MNC\’s have ever heard of any of the IT cities in Gujarat. So-What, if the small scale industries are growing or So-What, if infra in remote Gujarat getting better (24hrs uninterrupted electricity to 18,065 villages in Gujarat). Narendra Modi should be accused of such humoungus crime against nation and sent to Karnataka instead, well Its only Banglore err.. Bengaluru that should define Indian economy isnt it ? Crapp !

Indian telecom industry has been a great help. 15% of the population (roughly 140m) is now using cell phones. While there are only 8% (roughly 75m) internet users. So-What, if the telecom has created more entrepreneurs and bridged the rural-urban gaps, its only contributing 0.6% (not sure) of GDP ! Thats disgusting ! Shouldnt it be banned from progressing ? So-What, if, the vast majority of Indians will access internet for the first time via cell phones and India will be among the first countries to have such huge cell-net. The point it, India needs more IT and not Telecom, isnt it suppose to be the trend ? Digitally divided INDIA Huh !

Ha ha, Satires are intersting So-What, if some would just take them in wrong sense. Have a mint 2007 !

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And Saddam gets The Death Sentence



\”What ?? Really ? I dont believe it ! \” – These reactions might sound hillarious.

As if no one knew about the death sentence. Its funny coz the complete American media was jammed pack, creating an unnecessary anxiety among the viewers about the whole SAddam Trial\’s last verdict.

What do you expect after Saddam\’s Raging terror in court, Saddam and Party Quiting almost 50% of the court proceedings, changing 3 Judges, killing 7 plaintiff lawyers , a dozen witnesses who dramatically didnt show up to testify and the remaining few of the witnesses used curtains to give their testimony with voice re-modulation !

Wow what a novel court room it might be. The complete Saddam Trial sounded like reading a John Grisham\’s new reading.

Well but who cared if Saddam lived or died ? Does it really matters ? I won\’t be surprized if there is one more dramatic turn in the whole scene if Human Rights people might just show up to save Saddam.

Lets see Saddam\’s next move for his fight for life .

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And now its A National Song !


Its a deeper disgrace! Bankim Chandra would have ever thought that his song that had inspired hundreds to unite and fight is the same to ingnite hatred among millions. May be thats why we call – mystic tunes have beats of red notes.

The world is watching, and they might be thinking. Why does it always have to revolve around Islam ? I have many of my friend from the so-called minority community but never did I feel that they had a conflicting national and religious sentiments. 

Vande Mataram.
  Bow to you, my mother land! 
You are blessed with rushing streams,
You are bestowed with fertile soil,
You are glorified by cool breeze,
and the dark waving fields!
Pure as the bright heavenly stars,
Adorned with blossoming gardens.
With an enchanting smile,
With words as sweet as nector,
Bestow your blessings on me!
Lovilest of all earthly lands,
Mother great and free!

[Can someone tell me where\’z religious sentiment getting hurt ? I can\’t find Durga or Allah mentioned either]
National Song is song of the nation and nation is beyond caste, creed and religion. We live in our country, we have to behave like its citizen and abide by the rules and regulations. Burning buses, killing innocents, killing merit after singing Vande Mataram is not patriotism.

Islamic hardliner around the globe are making it difficult for moderate muslim to live peacefully. Atmosphere is full of hatred now. Every muslim is looked down as a terrorist these day. Its high time that they (common muslims) should shun such religious zealots. After all, the hardcore reality is – what the world needs the most is peace and not god or allah or bhagwan.

Truly sad , a needless controversy is being created about a very inspiring song. Thank god we have AR Rahman in our midst to give a suitable and inspiring musical reply to the fatwa spewing mullahs. Arjun Singh has again managed to create a needless controversy by first issuing an order for its singing and then rescinding his order. No wonder we end up supporting BJP.

The whole matter has unnecessarily been given a communal touch. Though in a democracy, nobody can be forced to do anything but in a multi-ethnic country like India, it is very necessary to have some strong binding force like patriotism. \’Vande Mataram\’ is our national song and if any indian does not feel patriotic while singing this song then he should not sing it irrespective of his religion but don\’t spoil the beauty of the song by dissecting it and misinterpreting it.

It now seems that Indians ate more interested in religion than the country itself. Its a pity that we are fighting for the reason where national song is it be sung by all or not!

(Forword: Sindh (river) – Sindhu – Shindh – Ind (Indus valley) – Hind – Hindu – Hinda\’ – India  ! Ring the bells ?)

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I bow to you, my mother

Youth for Equality: Videos and Updates



Reservation is eating up the great minds of India, It may have been good 45 years back but it\’s nothing but the dirty politics now, inviting brain drain and worsening unemployment.

There has been protests shown almost in every part of India, some gone wild while some left un-heard. But the best part of the whole situation is, the YOUTH has turned into a MASS !

Check out the videos(though old, but worth it for those who haven\’t see them)


1.  Quota Protest and the Police atrocities on the Peaceful medicos

Video: CNN-ibn  (Direct Link : download)

Read: Quota Protest spills to the streets (Source: CNN-ibn)

2.  Protest March in Patna by Medical students were beaten Brutally by Cops

Video: CNN-ibn  (Direct Link : download)

Read: Cops thrash quota supporters  (Source: CNN-ibn)

3.  Furios stages of Anti-Reservation Protest : Clash between the divided YOU-TH

Video: CNN-ibn  (Direct Link : download)

Read: Pro, anti-reservation clash in JNU   (Source: CNN-ibn)



This is something that everyone should see. HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh has no clue if the 49.5% reservation will work or not. He has no clue what are the present statistical data of the reservation. He has no clue what would be the repercussions. He has no clue or action plan for implementation.  He has no clue how to tackle the sensitivity of the issue.

His most intelligent answer to almost all the questions was – \”I DON\’T KNOW\”


Exclusive: Arjun Singh interview: Part I 

Read: Transcript of the Debate  

Video: Watch PART 1  (download link)

Exclusive: Arjun Singh interview: Part II 

Read: Transcript of the Debate  

Video: Watch PART 2  (download link)


HOW DUMB A PERSON CAN BE ! Sigh ! Brilliant people have their faith/fate in such insecured hands !



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OBC Reservation: Knowledge is Powerless !



Just imagine this scenario:
Year 2020.

Dad: Show me your report card son.
Son: (with smiling face): Here it is daddy.
Dad: (frowned): WHATT ???? (yells and calls for the kid’s mom)
What happened? Why are you yelling ?

(Dad passing on the report card to Mom, with a sight of disgrace on his face.)

Mom: Hey Bhagwaan (Oh God)! How did this happen? What will we do now ? (she is in shock !)
Son: Mommy ? Pappa ? What happened ? (lil kid with all the curiosity and surprised to core)
Dad: Who told you to get 98% and top the class ? (looks angry)
Mom: Honey, its ok, cool down ! I would call our TV cable guy and get some movie and cartoon network channels so that he can spend time on TV. How about buying him X-box and lots of games? He wont study and hopefully if God and luck is with us, he wont get high on merit in future.
Dad: Its so depressing you know r8? Remember when I got 98% in JEE, and still couldn’t get into IIT, I was so much depressed. I wished my DAD was OBC!

(Screen play: Myself)

This scenario is not so far from reality. Though seems little bit exaggerated, but hold on, is 49.5% reservation for OBC also not too much ?

Such cheap political strategies are so familiar, I am not shocked. But what concerns me the most and may be its more like a nightmare feel to me is that what about FUTURE ? My future, your future and the future generations to come! With India going-to-be a global power within the next few decades (that I strongly believe) we desperately need talented brains that can present a secured future to India as visioners. By further extending quota system into higher educational system we are restricting not only bright talent but also the growth of the country as whole. Not surprising then, do we see Indians leaving the country and becoming successful elsewhere in the world.

India has globally created an image as worlds most successful democratic and free nation. Democracy by all means sounds a perfect synonym for equality. Then why reservations and divide the youth? Reservation is the worst thing a country can do. India and China (our direct competitor I believe, and a threat) produces 6 times more engineers and scientist. Unlike India, majority of leaders in China and Japan are engineers or atleast well educated people, and not bunch of illiterates (Lalu) or bandits (Phoolandevi). Giving seats to SC is the worst things India can do. It is already so high. 22.5% is really high. Making it 49.5% means students with the best grades won\’t be able to get in IIT, IIM, AIIMS (the core to Indian knowledge hub ), etc. We can understand 5% reservations, but 49.5%? Intolerable !!! India is doing great, second to China in growth but this move will put India almost at the bottom in next 10 to 15 years.

Barkha Dutt (From NDTV): Reservations have become a joke. We all know the statistics. More than 80 per cent of Dalit students never make it past Class X; more than 80 per cent of the reserved seats in vocational institutes remain unused; and in engineering colleges it\’s even worse — more than 90 per cent of seats in the reserved category just lie empty. (Source: NDTV news )

I don’t have any grudge or hatred towards the OBC’s, but the government’s decision has given a spike�to discrimination. As a citizen of India everyone has equal rights to dream. Reservation in education is just killing those dreams of millions aspiring.

Any idea why not 49.5% reservation in our Defense?

I have full hopes, faith, sympathy and prayers for the protesters. May God give them all the strengths to fight strong and smart. Amen !
(Presentation: Messages + Pictures of Police brutally beating up the peaceful protestors)

Read and be informed/inspired:

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