Life on Earth


1216846018-hr-207iThe Beginning

Life and evolution of life on earth will remain a quest for the time intelligence is available in life. Centuries have passed and research status has not yet changed from \”ongoing\”. Occassionaly, in every decades there are some group of scientists claim to have \”Debunked\” the evolution process but the following subsequent researches have denied and proposed new theories.

Its is amazing how numerous different varieties of life form exists on earth (and elsewhere?). How every different life form is different and unique in its own virtue of design. While scientists have created a rift among different sets of ideas – Evolution ? Nature selection ? Intelligent Design ? Special creation ? I am glad no-one has ever been able to prove one theory superior over the other. But now it time to give a serious thought on – Why life ? rather than \”How life?\” or \”when life?\”. Is this subject is so sensitive and delicate, that we overlook this on purpose?

The variety of species available in life forms is so vast and perfect – right from single sensed to 5 sense organisms, weeds to trees, virus to humans. They are differnt in all form, shape, color, mobility, senses, virtues, characteristics. Each organism is smart and has a superintelligent and powerful self-mechanism in itself which is self regulatory and self-sustain in nature. Each organism small or large by far is the best design of a life. Complexity as a virtue of nature, the modern science has failed to decode or replicate.

Why life ?

Infinite galaxies exists and we barely know our own solar system. Scientist periodically tend to find a new planet and disregard the old ones and still trillions worth $$ amount has been pumped in on researching life on planets with no possiblies found yet. Then why Earth (atleast among our solar system) ? It is hard to believe the proposed theory that life evolved with condensation of hot earth surfaces causing chemicals to interact magically causing life initiation from lower microbial organisms to evolve upto \’intelligent\’ human species. There must be life force \”soul\” to start these rumbled chemicals into a sophisticated running engine of life. If chemical reactions and hormones and enzymes were responsible for sustaining life then who commands them or controls them and assigns what needs to be done when and why?

From what I look at is every species has a specific role to play on this earth. Even Earth has its on self-sustaining mechanism. Let it be cleaning water, food chain, controling atmospheric chemicals, etc that would be required to sustain the life. Almost gives a feeling that Earth is also protecting life. Is there a symbiotic relationship required between earth and life ? HELL YEAH… no doubt about it. Then what is the role Human beings need to play ? What is our purpose of life as human ?

Purpose ?

Never ever realized bee\’s purpose of existence and its role in sustaining nature. Bees are hated and ridculed to its stings. But if bees are wiped off from earth will we survive without the pollinations and cross pollination unintentionally done by bees ? There would be a huge food crisis followed by reduction in oxygen/ozone etc. Even simple organism like termites or similar ones will make sure that things are cleaned out and provides space for new. Imagine since past 5-6000 years if all the dead plants/animals/huts/furniture was not cleaned out by the nature\’s cleaning mechanism ! Yes, thats right… each and every organism plays some role knowingly or unknowingly to sustain and support nature. But I am still not able to figure out why Human ? What is our purpose ? Why were we considered for being most superior or all species and provided with all 5 sense and an under-developed 6th sense with ability to think, communicate, etc.


Most surprizing fact is, none of the organism other than human beings have been found killing one another in the same family of spicies for no rhyme or reason. May be thats the purpose of being Human.. we must be chosen by the school of nature to give an example to other organisms of what-not-to-be. \”The Devils\” in nature in the \’religion\’ of rest of the species, that gets them doing what they are doing – Good.

Understand : L-i/o-V-E

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The God Delusion (my version)




The world is like a manifold of truth and despair. Viewing angles have changed and so has the understanding. It muses me when I think of how we have changed this world. Michael Friedman describes the evasive technological advancement the world has gone through and he conviniently puts it in his book titled \”The world is Flat\”. Have we really made such huge impact on the world ? With whose consent ? GOD ?

GOD (?):

Ahh GOD ! I dont know why I always feel skeptic about existence of GOD. Ever since man has walked on earth, he is hard and cynical about life. His only goal is to make a difference in his world. He tries to change the very world that he, at times, claims to be created by the GOD – THE PERFECTIONIST.

Man (He):

A strange creature that walks on earth. Always trying to do something new and change the existing lifestyle in endless search for better. He surrndered the soothing gentle comforts of mother nature for steel/concrete jungle and limiting himself in a 10×10 cubicle and started calling himself \’Civilized\’. Yes, he did succeed, he changed the world, atleast his part of it.

This civilized man refused to adapt himself to HIS environment. Instead, he prefered his environment to suit him. He also built cities, roads, vehicles, machinery. But he didn\’t know when to stop. The more he improved his surroundings to make life easier the more complicated he made it. Now our generation is sentenced to 10 to 15 years of school, just to learn how to survive in this complex and hazardous habitat. Those who don\’t are then called \’uncivilized\’. While the civilized man, who refused to adapt this surroundings now finds he has to adapt and re-adapt continuously every hour of the day to his self-created new environment. A thing they was never needed before became a necessity.

Not to forget the increase in the level of possessiveness and competition that came along.. for name, identity and existence. A nature and resources that once was Opensource and accessible to all is now shared into proprietary ownership and confidential patent laws. Everyone\’s worlds are coinciding/colliding and the ripples generated are cummulatively grooming aggression and hatred. And now we have war and terrorism !

Sometimes I wonder… will God ever forgive us for what we\’ve done to each other? Then I look around and I realize… God left this place a long time ago.. leaving us with a hope that HE will return someday..


To me, it is all about hope. In fact, hope is a really important theme in everything I see and hear. My world revolves around hope and when I see evidence of hope in the world I am attracted to it. To me, hope is vital. Because honestly, the world is a pretty messed up place. In the midst of all this tragedy a little ray of hope is powerful. Hope is a frail thing, a precious thing, it is the one thing that makes life worth living.

\’GOD\’ Bless the world !

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Satire: SO-WHAT , if 2006 was bad ?



Saddam, once a King of a regim is no longer alive. People say he is dead, I say he is alive more than ever he lived. Most of them would reticent about the whole issue but who really wants to talk about it anyways? A person lives and dies, who cares? Its better to be impassive about certain things rather than debating the derogated news lines. On a fresher side, death to Saddam probably gave lots of challenged minds a new direction. So-What, if some think its end of terrorism (gimme a break) while few have forgotten Laden (or his terror). I would say thats a good start for 2007.

For India its again a time to celebrate. Well our 4 PSLV\’s just worked out fine ! Thats a manifestation of triumph ! So-What, if our N-deal would not be of our best interest, out scientists are doing good and are motivated anyhow isnt it ?

Iran and N.Korea have declared themselves as Nuclear states (unofficially). Wow ! Thats what I call is balance of powers. One nation can not have all the powers and force other countries to be deprived of it ! So-What, if the nuclear technology was strategically \”foreign\” funded. It was bound to happen and I am glad it happened now. If it were have happened before or after than now, I believe, would still be the same – glad !

Gujarat\’s growth rate is now 10.2% ! Its emerging as India\’s most productive (or vibrant) state. Now thats unfair ! Oh com\’on… no foreign investors or MNC\’s have ever heard of any of the IT cities in Gujarat. So-What, if the small scale industries are growing or So-What, if infra in remote Gujarat getting better (24hrs uninterrupted electricity to 18,065 villages in Gujarat). Narendra Modi should be accused of such humoungus crime against nation and sent to Karnataka instead, well Its only Banglore err.. Bengaluru that should define Indian economy isnt it ? Crapp !

Indian telecom industry has been a great help. 15% of the population (roughly 140m) is now using cell phones. While there are only 8% (roughly 75m) internet users. So-What, if the telecom has created more entrepreneurs and bridged the rural-urban gaps, its only contributing 0.6% (not sure) of GDP ! Thats disgusting ! Shouldnt it be banned from progressing ? So-What, if, the vast majority of Indians will access internet for the first time via cell phones and India will be among the first countries to have such huge cell-net. The point it, India needs more IT and not Telecom, isnt it suppose to be the trend ? Digitally divided INDIA Huh !

Ha ha, Satires are intersting So-What, if some would just take them in wrong sense. Have a mint 2007 !

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Pun Elevated !


The best part of my job is using the elevator – a machine with great gravity. Mostly its funny but sometimes goes beyond . Here are few best ramified generic scenes I mostly run into.

Scene#1: Me and MY Boss

-door closes-
Boss: Hey.. how are you ?
Me: Good morning..! m fine, thank you.. how are you?
Boss: M good.. did you see the weather ? Its getting cold out isnt it ?
Me: Yeahh thats little bit too much for me i guess. I just wish to be somewhere in south ha ha .. !
Boss: ha ha.. i wish it too, but thats michigan !
-door opens-
Me to myself: (Thank god)

This scene happens almost everytime I meet him. Among very few things common between me and my Boss is Michigan Weather, Hectic Days and Weekend plans and apparently these are the only 3 things we talked since last 2 yrs !! Infact I can just close my eyes and and pop in my headphone and still go through the complete conversation. Its that monotonous.

Scene#2: ME and Afro-American

I get in
-door closes-
Afro: Hey waddup buddy. ?
Me: Aa… um Nothing much.. how about you ? (Phew..)
Afro: m just %^&#$%&# .. don kno no wha to tel (^&^*%*# itS bee layk aa#$%^tas d\’in gonna #$#^&*&^%$!,,,, HA HA HA .. !
Me: (I didnt get anything out of that conversation but still) HA HA HA
-door opens-
Me: (suffocated and thanking god)
Afro: Hav a goo\’van mei !
Me: (after like 30 secs).. You too ! () [wiping off the sweat and start walking away]

The moment I see him coming in MY ELEVATOR (somehow I just owned one), I start praying – plz for God sake close this damn door. Not that I discriminate or hate them neither am I scared. But its just that I dont get what they are saying. I am sure they speak some kind of english … but I feel like a stupid, idiot staring like a dumb-deaf and mentally challenged kid – trying to figure out from lip movements – catching few words here and there, trying to re-construct/ re-arrange them in my own sentence and understand whatever that line meant and think 100 times before answering back ! (thats a bit too much of mind storming exercise as a morning start) I certainly dont want to mess with them.

Scene#3: Me and some UNFAMILIAR DESI

I get in
Another DESI gets in..

– door closes-

I smile at him, and he manages to smile back to me somehow with great efforts and now he tries to show that he is real busy/important coz\’ his $5 made-in-china cellphone just intecepted an intergalactic signal. Now an extremely uncomfortable situation, where both parties are desperately trying to avoid eye-contact and are uneasily waiting for the tension-filled ride to end. By the time the ride ends, I would have managed to memorize the safety instructions on the side of the lift, while other DESI would have managed to type out an very important imaginary SMS (or SOS) to a supernatural friend living somewhere on the Planet Zoltan some few lightyears away to save the Earth.

-door opens –

M on my way and he is on his.

I don���t know why we do this, but the fact remains that we do. If you meet a non-Indian in the elevator, you would smile and say hello, but if you meet a fellow Indian, some would pretend as if the other person does not exist. It actually takes 2 months of bumping into each other casually, before ignorance led to eye contact, eye contact led to smiles, smiles led to raised eyebrows, raised eyebrows led to short ���hey���s, ���hey���s led to more pleasant hellos, and hellos finally led to a conversation. Why ? You are like miles and months away from your land and still this attitude ? Things need to be changed desperately ..

Scene#4 : What do you get when you put 2 Gujjus/Teluguites/Punjabi/Hindi/…. together?

Ha ha.. I just wish !


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God’s Messenger !


god_inside_you: BUZZ !
shahnirav_2000: ?? do i know u ?

god_inside_you: I am GOD/BHAGWAN
shahnirav_2000: yeah yeah.. ok, asl plz (ASL = age,sex location)

god_inside_you: 24, m , michigan
shahnirav_2000: must be kidding r8 ? who are you ? its not even funny.. m busy.. will talk later

god_inside_you: I know, Vatsa. Thats why I am here to help you !
shahnirav_2000: m not buying it… who gave you my ID !

god_inside_you: You yourself pray to me everyday. Today I was impressed. You are messed up, ain\’t you?
shahnirav_2000:   how did you know? who are you ? lemme check your profile details

shahnirav_2000: your ID profile doesnt exist… ..
shahnirav_2000: are you really err.. darnn…

god_inside_you: its ok, I can understand. Denial is most predictable of all human responses. Tell me whats eating up your mind, Son

shahnirav_2000: m sorry for all the disrespect. Can you tell me why is life so complicated?
god_inside_you: Stop analysing life. Just live it. Analysis is what makes it complicated.

shahnirav_2000: Then what makes people unhappy?
god_inside_you: 2 days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday ! Your today is the tomorrow, that you worried about yesterday. Worrying has become a habit and thats what makes everyone unhappy !

shahnirav_2000: How can one not worry when there is great amount of uncertainity in your world ? 
god_inside_you: Uncertainity is inevitable, but worrying is optional.

shahnirav_2000: But there are so many problems around, it makes almost impossible to predict where we are heading to.
god_inside_you: Son,.. If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look Inside. Remember..  Looking outside, you dream. Looking inside, you awaken. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides insight.

shahnirav_2000: I always wonder , who am I , why am I here.. Is it just luck or coincidence or a karmic plan or beyond ?
god_inside_you: Seek not to find who you are, but determine who you want to be ! Stop looking for a purpose as to why you are here. Create it. Luck and co-incidence are some lame words that makes you reckon your inablity to act apt.

shahnirav_2000: what is the phil..
god_inside_you: Son, Develop a trust in yourself. All your answers are in you. Look inside.

shahnirav_2000: where are you located ?
shahnirav_2000: hello… ??
shahnirav_2000: BUZZ !

The supreme force (THE), the soul is inside you.
There’s A SYSTEM where a  lil GODs are implanted in every species so that the karmic calculations/results are sooner, better, quicker and faster.

Its purely a thought inspired by Matrix (movie), religion, email fwd’s, one liners, quotes
The chat never happened (ofcourse !).

(Mature Content Warning: not meant for hurting religious sentiments of any individual. Its solely imaginary)

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